Chinese Society of Particuology

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Booth: B200 The Chinese Society of Particuology (CSP), inaugurated on September 18, 1986, is a [...] of particles. The word PARTICUOLOGY is coined to parallel the Chinese title for the science and [...] Greek suffix logia denoting subject of study. The diversified subject material of particuology is [...] voluntary organization of workers in research, development and application of the science and technology [...] technology of particles, (ke-li-xue), by combining the Latin prefix particula for particles and the

Shanghai Soc. of Particuology

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Established in 1985, the Shanghai Society of Particuology (SSP) was organized to increase and [...] established and maintained up to now. Shanghai Society of Particuology is dedicated to providing its [...] diffuse the knowledge of particle science; to promote research & application of particle science; to [...] industrial fields. The mission of SSP is to promote the acquisition, sharing and application of expertise [...] from various branches of particle science, including preparation & utilization of particles

Rashid Qaisrani

Rashid Qaisrani

Research Engineer @ CSIRO Australia

Australia Institution of Engineers, Australia, AIT Alumni Association, Chinese Society of [...] Biography: Date of birth: June, 1960 Education: Doctor of Engineering Research Engineer, CSIRO [...] transfer through grain bulk, grain drying, heat disinfestation of grain and structures Fields of [...] Publications: 1. Prospects of in-situ heat disinfestation system. A paper presented 2001-Heat [...] Treatment workshop, Manhattan, KS, USA. 2. Prospects of in-line heat disinfestation system. A paper