Plastic Waste Crushing Equipment

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At present, plastic has become indispensable in social life and living supplies, waste plastic produced annually in China is about 500 million tons due to plastic with corrosion-resistant and difficult to break down the features, especially disposable plastic packaging waste, plastic agricultural film are people free to discard the white pollution caused by, as well as the potential hazards posed by waste plastics on the environment, has become the environmental concerns of our community.

With the development of scientific and technological progress, the waste plastic processing industry has been a very good development, waste plastic recycling is becoming an important item of resource recycling and environmental protection. Efficient grinding equipment, construction and waste disposal equipment, waste plastic can be concentrated crushing grinding into recycled materials, full use of its intrinsic value, conserve resources and protect the environment. However, in the selection of waste material to the grinding equipment, we should also note the following:

1, in the selection of grinding equipment, mainly depends on the type of material being crushed, the shape and the desired degree of crushing of different materials waste plastics should be used crushing equipment.

2, rigid PVC, polystyrene, acrylic, phenolic resins, urea-formaldehyde resin, polyester resin, etc. is a kind of brittle plastic, brittle and fragile, once the compression force, the role of impact, embrittlement easily , broken into small pieces, suitable for such plastics by compression or impact type grinding equipment to smash;

3, has a higher ductility toughness at room temperature plastic, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, ABS plastic, etc., only the appropriateness of using the shear grinding equipment, because they are by external compression, bending, the role of the shock force, will not crack, difficult to crushing, grinding equipment should not be brittle plastics used; In addition, for elastic materials, soft materials, the best use of cryogenic comminution.

4, to determine the extent of the waste need to smash the grinding equipment, If the chunk is broken into small pieces when the compression, impact, or shear-type grinding equipment; If small pieces of crushed into fine powder, fine-grained, mainly using abrasive grinding equipment.

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