Powder Collection after Coating Operation

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Dear sir,

In the powder coating company, I want to collect the powder in the booth and use it again, we are having 60 colour powders and collect it without mixing of colours. please give some solutions to collect the powders without mixing.

can I should use separate containers or any other options are there?

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Colour Blind!

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Please think about what you are asking. For starters, if you do not have separate containers for each powder then you are, by definition, mixing the powders.

With that little issue decided: I simply ask what is your present cleaning regime and its performance?

You have not given any information about your coating process so anything the respondents advise is open to the usual follow on contradictions.

It is pointless to ask for a process solution without specifying the process in the first place.

Because we are accustomed to opaque questions doesn't mean we necessarily bother to clarify.

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Powder Collection.

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Unless you have extremely long runs of single colours and near-to cleanroom conditions, some contamination is inevitable. It is uneconomical to try to separate colours and most powder coating shops end up with an anonymous mixture of saved powder which they use for jobs where colour is not important.

Michael Reid.