MMD S154 Sizer

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MMD S154 Twin Roll Sizer fitted with Hagglunds MA200 direct drive.

Inlet dimensions 1352mm x 1070mm

The above machine is mounted on a static chassi with a 1200mm wide outfeed conveyor.

Integral to the chassi is the hydraulic powerpack V10 Deutz Aircooled engine and Sauer Series 90 closed loop hydraulic pumps.

Full Control panel with start, stop for Mineral Sizer, Conveyor and inch and auto reverse for Sizer.

large capacity fitted diesel tank and hydraulic reservoir.

A large capacity feed hopper is mounted over the sizer for a direct feed operation.

The rotor speed can be varied to provide a regulated feed to a secondary operation or full rotor speed high tonnages.

Ready for immediate delivery.



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