Ceramics Ball Bearings

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Haiyue Precision Grinding Co., Ltd. is specialized in high-precision grinding molding for high advanced ceramic and optical components .Products are mainly used in the Semiconductor industry, Optical industry, Machinery, Aviation, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Haiyue provides engineering support with full

CAD/CAM design capabilities and dedicated seven-day-a-week

R&D teams. Our prices are very competitive.

Large-sized ceramic parts, unique geometries

Ceramic-based adhesive bonding

Sapphire lapping and polishing

Laser marking

CO2 cleaning

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Balls

A longtime experience of advanced ceramic materials processing and research and a better understanding of its nature enable us to manufacture superior ceramic bearings. Moreover we have professional engineers of material and mechanical parts, who will support you technically and solve the promblems of bearings. Meanwhile our skilled workers will produce Ceramic Parts according to your demands.

Ceramic Bearings/Ceramic Balls

With the characters of lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder, corrosion-resistant, and electricity-resistant, ceramic bearings are allowed of a wide range of performance enhancements. And they are able to dissipate heat quickly, reduce friction and wear while maintain the surface precisely smooth . Today's leading edge ceramics are made in Zro2 Bearings, Alumina Bearings, Silicon Bearings, Nitride Bearings, Zro2 Balls,Alumina Balls Silicon Balls, Nitride Balls and have characteristics similar to the heat absorbing, highly resilient tiles on the Space Shuttle.

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Dohntec ball series products line mainly includes Inert alumina ceramic ball, Perforated Ceramic Ball, Alumina Grinding Ball, Heat Storage Ceramic Ball, Refractory Ceramic Ball which widely used in different purpose and field.

Inert alumina ceramic ball is widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer, environmental industry, etc. Being the covering and supporting material and tower packing for catalyst in the reactor, the ceramic ball has features of high intensity, high chemical stability and thermal stability.

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