New Bulk Bag Unloader

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Medical processing facility discharges hardened, blocked material from bulk bags in a safe and efficient manner

NBE integrated its Deblocking Ram bulk bag conditioning technology into its Bulk Bag Discharging equipment to effectively break up and deliver severely agglomerated material into the customer supplied vertical form, fill, and seal equipment. The powerful Deblocking Rams reduce the material from a single 2000 lb. lump to sizes that will pass through the bags discharge spout without the operator having to physically manipulate the bag. The Crumbler lump breaker further reduces the lumps to a conveyable particle size with its aggressive tooth style agitators rotating through stationary breaker bars.

This Bulk Bag Unloader was designed with NBE's Funnel-Flow™ bulk bag hanger bar Massage Paddles, Receiving Hopper and Deblocking Rams for optimal productivity and safety.

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