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Hi Dr.Steel,

You are asking a question on an international forum, and assuming that the reader will know what is happening in your head, and that he or she would be an expert in the niche industry in your particular language. It just ain't necessarily so.

There is no identification on your posting, so we don't know if you are talking US English, Australian slang, or British Technical Oxford.

What is HBI - I assume it is some form of iron. What are its characteristics? Does the descriptor HBI give all the parameters of material flow that we need to specifiy your product handling equipment?

What is a Skipper conveyor? That sounds like a trade name - so it could be anything. Do you mean an elevator using endless chains, with large buckets which might more accurately be described as "mining skips"?

Please clarify - Sgt John.Rz

Re: Hbi Conveyor

Erstellt am 20. Jun. 2007 - 01:43

I think he is maybe asking if he can use a skip hoist for DRI type pellets instead of a pocket belt.

I would far rather use a skip as it is simple, and the pocket belt is fraught with horrible hastles like the ones at Essar Steel in India


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Graham Spriggs

Hbi Conveyor

Erstellt am 9. Aug. 2007 - 08:03

DSI Snake Sandwich High-Angle conveyors can elevate HBI 30 meters vertically. It is merely a matter of matching the belt width and belt speed with the volumetric rates and material size. Also the belt cover compound with the material's temperature range if temperature is an issue.

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Re: Hbi Conveyor

Erstellt am 13. Aug. 2007 - 04:41

Hi, maybe you can be intrested look our "bandebord" (Corrugated sidewall)...

look at some example at this link:

(for now only in Italian language).

We have sell a lot of this bandebord elevators for handling wood pellets...

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Re: Hbi Conveyor

Erstellt am 13. Aug. 2007 - 05:35

Hi CF System

I went to your website.

The Bandbord conveyor is the same basic type as the pocket belts as used on HBI plants and elsewhere, except that it looks even lighter duty.

For high lift of such dense materials, you either need a serious pocket belt (which typically give problems) or you use a skip system which is reliable and simple.

I have successfully replaced a pocket belt system (which collapsed) with a skip system (which works fine)


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Graham Spriggs