Converting a Ring Granulator into a hammermill

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Converting a Ring Granulator into a hammermill

Dear Sirs,

We are considering to convert an existing Ring Granulator into a hammermill for crushing coal as the existing products is not suiting the requirement, by chaniging only the kammers, suspension discs, suspension bars and drive motor.

Please advice if this is feasible.

If not then what other changes needs to be done keeping the cost minumum.

Will the cage assembly also need to be changed?

Will there be any reduction in the capacity as the product size also changes from (-) 20mm to (-) 6mm.

Home Made Hammer Mill

Erstellt am 22. May. 2007 - 10:11

Hi tmharidas,

I would say you can convert to a hammer mill with very little change.

The questions you are asking are very specific, and depend on the product you are handling. Most people are interested in selling you a new machine. Where there is money on the table, there you will get some interest.

Otherwise, you have to experiment, and see how it works out. Often this type of work, being one-off changes, take quite a lot of work to experiment and change to get the results you want. No instant answers on the internet.

Regards - Sgt John.rz