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CINCINNATI, OH (March 19, 2007) — The ULTRASONEX™ Blinding Control System from Rotex, Inc. is a field proven system for reducing blinding and bridging when screening difficult or sticky materials such as metal powders, powder paints, pharmaceuticals, powder coatings, plastic resins, toner powder, food, and various chemicals. It is available on new screeners from Rotex, and can be field retrofitted to existing ROTEX® Screeners.

The system is capable of screening through meshes as fine as 20µm at unusually high capacity and efficiency. By minimizing mesh blinding and bridging, the ULTRASONEX System ensures that powders are screened through the correct aperture size required, providing accurate separations, higher throughput, consistent product quality, and longer mesh life.

The system uses a transducer probe to apply ultrasonic vibration directly to the screening mesh. This is in addition to the vibratory motion of the ROTEX Screener. The ULTRASONEX provides a secondary high frequency, low amplitude vibration that reduces mesh blinding, reduces screen tension, and improves screener performance. Its fully detachable ultrasonic probe incorporates a titanium core for high durability and non-wear on contact surfaces. In combination with mesh cleaning balls, the ROTEX ULTRASONEX is more efficient and effective than round separators using ultrasonic technology.

Freedom from blinding also eliminates the need for scrapers, brushes or rubber balls that can introduce contamination.

The ULTRASONEX System’s highly efficient control unit is available in 110 or 220 volts, with touch panel controls that enable many of the settings to be easily adjusted by the operator for optimal performance.

About Rotex, Inc.

Rotex, Inc. is a pioneer and global leader in the development of screening equipment and technology for the process industries. Rotex, Inc. offers an innovative line of separation equipment that includes; Gyratory and Vibratory Screeners and Sifters for Dry Applications, Liquid-Solid Separators for Wet Applications, Automated Particle Size Analyzers, and Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors. ROTEX® Parts & Service offers a full range of genuine parts and rebuild services.

For more information on the ULTRASONEX™, to obtain more information on all the ways ROTEX® Screeners can benefit your screening operations challenges, or to learn more about its complete inventory of aftermarket genuine parts and rebuild services, please visit:


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