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The Fuller-Kinyon™ Pump is ideal for conveying fine powders without risk of blowback. A material seal is formed when product is forced against the counterweighted flapper valve preventing convey air leakage back through the screw.

One moving part means less maintenance and high reliability in the most demanding environments. Operates with lines pressures up to 30 psig.

Parts can be replaced without removing the pump from service.

Aso presented will be the FLSmidth’s abrasion resistant airlock line which is suitable for handling the most abrasive products: fly ash, limestone, rutile ore, feldspar, etc. Extremely hard and generous ceramic and tungsten carbide coatings make this the most abrasion resistant airlock on the market today.

• Exceptional abrasion resistance

• Prompt shipment

• Replacements and new installations

• Better performance

• Longer life

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