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Irina Sosnovkin
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Consortium "SVE" was established by autonomous non-commercial organization "SOEX” (Russia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Federal state unitary enterprise VNIINMASH (Gosstandard of Russia) and International Union of Expert Organizations and Certification Bodies "EXPERT HOLDING RUS”. We render assistance to foreign companies in promotion of engineering industry production in Russian market.

The Consortium carries out:

• Obligatory and voluntary certification of foreign machinery, equipment and devices in "GOST- R Certification System " of Gosstandard (the State Committee for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification) of Russia;

• Quality inspections of production as well as conformance control of equipment to requirements of purchase and sale contract;

• Industrial safety examination of technical equipment of dangerous industrial establishments to receive Gosgortechnadzor (Federal Mining and Industrial Inspectorate) Permit for employment of equipment on the territory of Russian Federation;

• Assistance in receiving Fire Safety Certificate in system of certification of Ministry of Emergency Affairs of Russia and Hygiene Certificate of Ministry of Health;

• Certification of quality management systems according to Russian standards, equivalent to ISO 9000;

• Certification tests of machinery, equipment and devices, also at manufacturer or customer's sites;

• Drawing up of registration certificate and instructions on equipment according to Gosgortechnadzor requirements and translation of technical documentation and normative documents from foreign languages to Russian;

• Determination of Commodity Group Code and receipt of customs confirmation;

• Tackling organizational and economic issues of Trade representatives; and publicizing products of foreign companies;

• Translation services and transportation in Russia.

We believe that our cooperation might be beneficial at the promotion of your company’s production in the huge market of Russia and other CIS countries.


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