Improved IBC Outlet Valve from Kemutec

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Kemutec Group announce improvements to their Series H Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves (IDV's) in response to customer requests and increased demand. Series H Valves were specifically developed as a competitively priced outlet valve for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's). The highest demand sizes are now pressure die cast to significantly increase availability. Additional fixing positions have been provided on the underside of the valve to facilitate the attachment of bagging off and other types of spigots. These fixings also accommodate an optional transit cover for additional security during the transportation of high value or hazardous materials on public roads. Valves now come with additional positioning notches to set the valve orifice in a variety of open positions according to the discharge rate required. Models 100 mm through 300 mm are available with a variety of diaphragm types to best suit the application. Having the same flange fixing arrangements, the new models are fully interchangeable with their predecessors.

For Bulk Bag (FIBC) applications, Kemutec offer the Series JS range of IDV's designed to choke the neck of FIBC's and thus control the rate of discharge. In the closed position, the valve enables the safe untying of the FIBC drawstring.

Series H and JS Valves are part of a wider family of Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves for controlling the flow of all types of dry bulk solids from the finest pharmaceutical powders to lumps of abrasive minerals.

No matter what the size of valve, all IDVs can open from fully sealed to the diameter of a pin or to their full diameter as required. Their non-sticking, concentric opening characteristics make them the ideal flow control valve. Fitted with an appropriate diaphragm, they will even seal around large lumps (trapped during closure) and still prevent the flow of smaller particles – an essential attribute when dealing with materials having a wide particle size distribution or containing foreign bodies. When fitted with a rubber diaphragm, they are gentle on delicate products – a Japanese pharmaceutical company bought 72 IDVs to replace the valves, supplied with their IBCs, which were damaging finished tablets during closure.

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Photo :New pressure die cast 150 mm Series H MUCON Iris Diaphragm Valve from Kemutec Group (inset shows underside of valve)

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