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Dr. Michitaka Suzuki
Associate Professor
2167 Shosha
Himeji (Hyogo) 671-2201
+81 792 674 851
+81 792 674 851
Über Michitaka Suzuki

Born:Jan.11,1952, Yamagata, Japan
1974:B.Yamagata Univ., Japan
1976:M.Yamagata Univ., Japan
1980:Dr.Kyoto Unv., Japan
1980:Research Associate, Himeji Inst.of Tech.
1985:Research Associate, West Virginia Univ.
1990:Assistant Prof., Himeji Inst. of Tech.
1996:Associate Prof., Himeji Inst. of Tech.
Memberships:Soc.of Powder Tech.,Japan
Assoc.Powder Process Ind. & Eng.,Japan
Chem.Eng.of Japan

Know-how and experience:
Effect of Size Distribution on Packing properties
Mechanical Properties of Powder
Shape analysis of particle

Effect of Size Distribution on Relation Between Coorination Number and Void Fraction of Spheres in Randomly Packed Bed,
M. Suzuki, H. Kada and M. Hirota:Advanced Powder Technology, 10, 353-365(1999)
Fractal Dimension of Particle Projected Shapes
M.Suzuki, Y.Muguruma, M.Hirota and T.Oshima:Advanced Powder Technol.,1,115-123(1990)
Powder Technology Handbook Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
K.Gotoh, H.Masuda, K.Higashitani(M.Suzuki:Contributor):Mercel Dekker inc.(1997)

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