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\What you are referring to is a compactor;

A squeeze press or ring extruder press is considered an "extruder" or pelletizer

for animal fodder or foodstuffs.

it is just better to ask us what is available for the dust you want to reclaim AND


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Roller presses work well for some materials, cement, and not as well for others, iron ore. In Perth, 2007 & 2008, the Koeppern test machine was broken down, out of service call it what you like and mines couldn't get their material tested. Nevertheless they still bought roller presses because they had ordered them and the EPC was already underway. All parties were aware that re-studding the rolls was going to take some considerable effort because of the distances involved. Miners are stubborn beasts but even so I imagine there might be a few redundant rolls lying around in rural Western Australia.

It might be possible to adapt a second hand machine to squeeze cement or similar but I doubt it would have much life extension if ore processing was the objective.

This is just my experience and no doubt there will be the metallurgists among us who will extoll the virtues of roll crushers at all costs...because they were the ones who specified them!

John Gateley