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Helmut Mayer
Director and Principal Engineer
94 Baroona Road
Northbrige (NSW) 2063
+61 458 241 321
Über Helmut Mayer

* Bachelor of Engineering, Aerospace Hons 1
* Bachelor of Science, Psychology
The University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW)
* Director and Principal Engineer with Mayer International Design Engineers Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia. with that company since 1990. Roles include the design and supplyn for machines for the continuous handling of bulk materials.
* Resume and full engineering CV are available on http:www.mayerinternational.comprofileshmResume.pdf

Know-how and experience:
* Mechanical and Structural Design of Machines.
* Handling process design
* Commissioning
* One page profile is available on http:www.mayerinternational.comprofileshmPageProfile.pdf

Mayer H., Stark H.L., and Ambrose S., 2000. Review of Fatigue Design Procedures for Pressure Vessels. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping. V. 77, pp. 775-781

Mayer Helmut, Stark Hugh L., and Mayer, Hans P., 2001. Designers Potential Liability, Development Contingents and the Representation of Risk. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Bulk Materials, Storage, Handling and Transportation. V.2, pp. 633-637

Mayer Helmut, 2002. Dealing with Professional Liability, Development Contingents and Risk to stimulate efficient yet innovative Engineering Design. In Proceedings of the IEAust Queensland Central Region Conference 13-15 September 2002. Item 2

Mayer Helmut, Stark Hugh L. and Ford Robin, 2004. One foot in jail: Mitigating the influence of erros on the outcome of Design Processes for industrial plant. In Proceedings of The International Design Conference - Design 2004, Dubrovnik, May 18-21 2004

Mayer, Helmut, 2004. An Essay on Future Trends in Bulk Cargo Handling in Ports. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Port Handling Systems, Mumbai, October 5-7

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