In-situ Machining

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Sub.: ‘In-Situ’ Portable Boring Machines and Services.

We are manufacturers of Portable Machine-Tools for Work-shop or site use and have been in the field since last 28 years.

We manufacture to sell our machines as well as provide services on large contracts.

We have our design and manufacturing capabilities as per our requirements.

We continuously improve on our existing designs and develop machines for newer applications and challenges.

We are equipped to undertake ‘In-Situ’ machining operations in fabricated structures and other heavy Machinery parts - at any site.

We have Electrically driven Portable Machines such as :

1) Boring Machines for 70 thru 300 mm diameter capacity.

2) Boring machines for 600 mm to 1100 mm diameter capacity.

3) Milling machines for lengths upto 7 meters.

4) Flange Facing Machines for 1000 mm dia thru 6000 mm dia.

The Portable machines, weighing approx. 200 to 1000 Kgs , are made in parts to be assembled at site. Machine parts can be carried to any location and mounted for horizontal or vertical or inclined operations.

We have undertaken various large Material Handling projects such as Level-luffing cranes Bucket Wheel Excavators , Stacker Reclaimers , Wagon Tippers etc and are interested to undertake many more similar challenges.

Please visit our website for more details on our work experience and our client list.

We look forward to our working togather for our mutual benefit.

Assuring you of our best services, at all times,




Technology On Call.

Posted on 19. May. 2009 - 12:32

Yours appears to be a very impressive operation. I first saw this type of gear at a mining exhibition in Jakarta in 1993 but have never called on it yet.

Machined hooks for the ladle bridle further prove that you know what you're doing.

There seems to be a growing market for stockyard machine repair in India, so you should do well.

Re: In-Situ Machining

Posted on 25. May. 2009 - 08:00

Thank you for your well wishes sir. Hope to get more contacts using bulk-online forums. We. till now have been mainly working with OEM's for S/R , BWE, and many more BMHE companies, we have worked for companies for in-situ repairs as well. Do keep us posted if you have a any kind of in-situ machining work.