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We have been using the Autodesk package that includes Autocad, Inventor for solid modelling, and Robot for matrix method and finite element analysis. We have been using Robot for structural auditing of existing conveyor and transfer structures that are being modified and ugraded. This has worked ver...... [read more]

From experience, though not on a pipe conveyor, a high heat, fire resistant and oil resistant cover tends to be very soft. It consumes excessive energy and abrades away prematurely. The belting manufacturers don't apologize for this. Typically they question if you really need all three resistance fe...... [read more]

I am amazed that on an overland conveyor of this significance that professional (paid) help has not been sought. The idea of reactively, blindly adding counterweight is absurd. The system was not designed for your new configuration. It must be restored to its original designed as this worked properl...... [read more]

There is no doubt that specialists like Colin are essential to advance the subject and the results they achieve can be demonstrated. The market will then bring out their value, but they are far too few and too specialised to oversee all the work that goes on in this enormous industry. My target is t...... [read more]

an alternative is a more practical book that covers bul 123 and additional solids handling fields, 'gravity flow of solids' by Roberts, Arnold and McLean from TUNRA based at the University of Newcastle. N.S.W. Have you examined the copyright situation applicable to this book? It might be possible t...... [read more]

You can see many on the Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) web site. I can send you a list of many dozens, not culled for post 2004. We have them for trough and pipe conveyors over 3 km. Why 3 km? A short list of 25 majors with lengths over 3 km and estimated dates: 1. 9 km 1980 (34 years ago) M.I.C.A.R....... [read more]

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Pigments and Dyes - 2014 Global Strategic Business Report Pigments are colored or fluorescent particulate organic and inorganic solids, usually insoluble and unaffected both physically and chemically by the vehicle or substrate in which they are used. Organic pigments have higher brightness and tint...... [read more]

Leading manufacturer launches advanced transportation vessel rupture disc to extend the life of explosion protection solution Fully lined Intermodal Container Disc designed to meet current hazardous application requirements Derived from its original Tank-Safe development for the transportation indus...... [read more]

Martin Engineering Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation Neponset, IL, USA – A global innovator in bulk material handling is celebrating 70 years of designing high-quality equipment and accessories, serving customers in a wide range of industries around the world. Along with spearheading efforts in safe...... [read more]

KUBOTA will be highlighting their NX Gravimetric Feeder and the Super PLATON II Pellet Screening System at Plastic and Rubber Indonesia 2014 in Jakarta. The NX series of Twin and Single Screw Gravimetric Feeders feature a unique agitator design and negative wall hopper angle which promotes material ...... [read more]

Rotolok Corporate Video October 2014 Rotolok is proud to present the company's new Corporate Video that showcases the company's manufacturing facilities which house state-of-the-art CNC machining centres and core values that have sustained the company founded by Dan McCauley in 1973. While Rotolok i...... [read more]

FLEXICON: Sanitary Bulk Bag Filler has Metal Detection Whitstable, Kent, U.K. –– New from Flexicon is a stainless steel, sanitary Bulk Bag Filler that detects and separates metal as it fills bulk bags by weight, dust-free. The filler frame is a patented TWIN-CENTREPOST™ design that maximises strengt...... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

ContiTech und Techmi bauen längsten Fördergurt Europas für französische Zementfabrik • Fördergurtinstallation auf einer Strecke von 6,2 Kilometern • Innovation von Techmi ermöglicht Gurtrücklauf parallel zum Transportgurt • Kompetentes Service-Team von ContiTech übernimmt Montage Schneller, länger, ...... [read more]

19. November 2014 Spatenstich zur neuen KROHNE Konzernzentrale in Duisburg Baubeginn der neuen KROHNE Konzernzentrale mit einem Investitionsvolumen von über 16 Mio. Euro Büroarbeitsplätze für ca. 250 Mitarbeiter auf 7 Etagen mit einer Geschossfläche von 8.195 m² Geplante Gesamtfertigstellung im Augu...... [read more]

Das Geschäft mit der asiatischen Verfahrensindustrie Van Beek arbeitet mit einem Agenten in Peking zusammen Im Laufe der letzten Jahre hat die europäische Verfahrensindustrie zunehmend Marktanteile an Asien abtreten müssen. Der Grund dafür ist unter anderem, dass sich seit dem Ende des 20. Jahrhunde...... [read more]

Three-Tec Workshop mit Schwerpunkt Dosiertechnik und Extrusion im Miniaturmassstab Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Three-Tec führt am 12. März 2015 ein Workshop mit Schwerpunkt Dosiertechnik und Extrusion im Miniaturmassstab durch und stellt eine komplette Fertigungslinie mit Dosiersystem, Extruder, ...... [read more]

HAVER & BOECKER gewinnt LAFARGE Global Supplier Award 2014 Die HAVER & BOECKER ADAMS®-Technologie überzeugt in der Kategorie Nachhaltigkeit. Award für exklusiven Einsatz bei Lafarge Tarmac in UK Zum ersten Mal in der Unternehmensgeschichte hat LAFARGE, ein weltweiter Führer in Baumaterialien, einen ...... [read more]

Besuch bei Endress + Hauser Maulburg Der erste Schnee fiel schon im nahen Hochschwarzwald, als sich am 5. November Vertreter von Endress + Hauser und Mitglieder des DSIV zum Networking Abend trafen. In lockerer Atmosphäre saß man beim Abendessen in dem urigen, 400-jährigen Schwarzwaldhaus „Hirtenbru...... [read more]

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IPB 2014 - International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference

2014-11-04T18:13:26Z by Reinhard Wöhlbier
Exhibitions / Conferences

    IPB 2014  International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference October 14-16, 2014 International Exhibition Centre INTEX Shanghai, China China´s leading trade show for technologies for size reduction, grinding, mixing, screening, filtering, dosing, and conveying of po... [read more]

Professor Matheron's take on random functions

2014-10-26T16:30:44Z by Jan W Merks
Sampling & Statistics

Once upon a time Professor Matheron saw fit to talk about Brownian motion along straight lines. He talked about it during his presentation at a colloquium on Geostatistics at the University of Kansas on June 7-9, 1970. What he didn't know in those days was that degrees of freedom ought to be counted... [read more]

Fakuma 2014 Photo Gallery

2014-10-16T16:32:03Z by Reinhard Wöhlbier
Exhibitions / Conferences

23rd Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing In its over 30-year history, the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. It holds second place in the overall ranking of internation... [read more]

Who created geostatistics?

2014-10-15T16:52:55Z by Jan W Merks
Sampling & Statistics

Professor George Matheron did! How many geostatistocrats knew that he was the mastermind behind  the novel science of geostatistics? Dr Frederic P Agterberg was another mastermind. I'll take time to report what he has been writing. Why waste time by kriging, smoothing and rigging the rules of applie... [read more]



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