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Crazy Thought

In General Aspects by John Gateley
at 22. May 2015 17:25 - 2 replies - 81 views

Dear all, When riding bicycle, hands are free. Will it be possible to have chain wheel mechanism to drive front wheel also ? Will speed increase ? Can it be balanced ? If legs are tired, we can use hands. If hands are tired, we can use legs. Even if one chain is broken or slipped out, we can still r...... [read more]

Hi everyone, New here! I’m trying to do some root cause analysis for the following case and any help would be lovely!: We have a spinner which we use for fiberizing molten glass into thin fine glass-wool (insulation) fibers. It’s circular in shape, with a diameter of about 30 cm. The spinner is spun...... [read more]

Intermittent vs Continious Pneumatic Conveying

In Pneumatic Conveying by Mehdi Ohadi
at 21. May 2015 08:55 - 0 replies - 63 views

Hi In one of our pellettizing plant we will have EP collector, i would like to have your technical comments about discharge method: 1- use pneumatic conveyor - intermittent when the material in EP hopper achieve to specific level, the material discharge to pneumatic conveyor, in this way the pneumat...... [read more]

Pharmaceutical Dust Collection

In Dust Control & Suppression by Uditha Kohowala
at 20. May 2015 10:45 - 3 replies - 182 views

It seems that the powder is not readily soluble in water. Have you tried any other solvent which might point you in the direction of a solvent recovery process. As Michael suggests, you production personnel are vital in agreeing to any proposal. For myself I have no idea what the powder is, how much...... [read more]

Another Transition Idler Question

Another Transition Idler Question

In General Aspects by Gary Blenkhorn
at 19. May 2015 14:15 - 6 replies - 238 views

When calculating transition distance the 20° idler does not play in the calculation as the distance from the centerline of the pulley to the first 35° idler is used. This is the true transition distance. The 20° idler is there for support only as the transition occurs. You then need to look at the t...... [read more]

Drying Wet Synthetic Gypsum

In Drying Technology by Gary Blenkhorn
at 19. May 2015 00:02 - 14 replies - 7401 views

Jake, Our twin shaft paddle dryer would most probably do a great job of drying your gypsum down to 0.1% moisture. The GPD (Gouda Paddle Dryer) features simple operation, high energy efficiencies and the long residence times and product agitation you will need to attain that low final moisture number...... [read more]

News from Industry

BinMaster: Liquid & Solids Level & Flow Sensors

BinMaster: Liquid & Solids Level & Flow Sensors

In Company News by Reinhard Wöhlbier
at 22. May 2015 19:35 - 0 replies - 26 views

Liquid & Solids Level & Flow Sensors You find interesting information on this topic here: More information on BinMaster Google Search - Web Google Search - Images BinMaster Video: Configuration Guide BinMaster Video: Installation Guide BinMaster Video: 3D Level Scanner Introduction BinMaster on the ...... [read more]

Beltcon 18 The International Materials Handling Conference & Exhibition The Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre. Johannesburg. South Africa This conference is organised by a dedicated Committee of volunteers from the South African conveyor industry and will appeal to Owner decision makers, designe...... [read more]

Ingenious logistics in bulk solids plants . … with this commitment the Geroldinger GmbH will welcome all their guests at ACHEMA in hall 6.0, booth D2. Ingenious means for Geroldinger: Optimizing demanding customer processes through intelligent bulk logistics in closed systems. The company develops c...... [read more]

Ipack-Ima launches a food revolution To safeguard health and the environment, four world-renowned experts get involved: technologies, less protein, more flavour Milan, Italy, May 20, 2015 - How long and how can the world's agro-alimentary system be sustained? Currently, the situation is alarming: 80...... [read more]

Aachen International Mining Symposia (AIMS 2015) Fifth International Symposium "Mineral Resources and Mine Development” 27 – 28 May, 2015 Aachen, Germany Cooperation Partners: Euromines, RAG Aktiengesellschaft (click on picture to expand) The Institute of Mining Engineering I at the RWTH Aachen Univ...... [read more]

Top European bulk-online eDirectory Listings (as of May 21, 2015) Please visit the listings of these companies and see how they present themselves and what they might be able to do for you and your operation. They finance this Portal and the powder/bulk community owes them much! The numbers represen...... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

In Zusammenarbeit mit Schüttgut-Magazin

Mitteilungen aus der Schüttgutindustrie (23. Mai 2015) in deutscher Sprache. Wir laden Sie ein, Ihre Pressemitteilungen, Ausstellungsankündigungen, Artikel, Videos, etc. in deutsch und/oder englisch kostenfrei auf unserem weltweit besuchten Powder/Bulk Portal (Schüttgut-Portal) zu veröffentlichen. W...... [read more]

Geniale Logistik in Schüttgutanlagen . mit diesem Versprechen empfängt die Geroldinger GmbH Ihre Gäste auf der ACHEMA in Halle 6.0, Standnummer D2. Genial bedeutet für Geroldinger dabei die Optimierung anspruchsvoller Kundenprozesse durch intelligente Schüttgutlogistik in geschlossenen Systemen. D...... [read more]

Köppern wieder "bulk-online Leader"

Köppern wieder "bulk-online Leader"

In Firmenmitteilungen by Reinhard Wöhlbier
at 21. May 2015 10:44 - 0 replies - 57 views

Das Powder/Bulk Portal begrüsst den alten und neuen "bulk-online Leader" Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH & Co. KG Die Köppern Gruppe präsentiert sich heute als moderne, hoch technisierte deutsche Unternehmensgruppe, die sich eine Spitzenstellung in der Herstellung von Anlagen und Maschinen für diverse ...... [read more]

Coperion und Coperion K-Tron auf der Achema 2015 Individuelle Lösungen in der Aufbereitungstechnik und Schüttguthandhabung Stuttgart, im Mai 2015 – Auf der Achema 2015 präsentieren sich Coperion und Coperion K-Tron auf ihrem Stand Nr. D 34 in Halle 5.0 als innovativer Anbieter von Systemen und Kernb...... [read more]

ACHEMA 2015: Informationen und Innovationen 2015 erwartet die ACHEMA erstmals mehr als 50 % Aussteller aus dem Ausland. Zu den Toptrends zählen die Modularisierung und Automatisierung von Anlagen und Prozessen sowie die Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz und die integrierte Prozessentwicklung – Entwic...... [read more]

Fakuma 2015 mit neuen Öffnungszeiten 24. Fakuma – volles Haus im Messezentrum Friedrichshafen Frickenhausen/Friedrichshafen, 20.05.2015 - Die vom 13. bis 17. Oktober 2015 stattfindende Fakuma – Internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoffverarbeitung, wirft schon jetzt ihre Schatten voraus. Knapp fünf Mo...... [read more]

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    IPB 2014  International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference October 14-16, 2014 International Exhibition Centre INTEX Shanghai, China China´s leading trade show for technologies for size reduction, grinding, mixing, screening, filtering, dosing, and conveying of po... [read more]

23rd Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing In its over 30-year history, the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. It holds second place in the overall ranking of internation... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]