DYNA Instruments offers innovative measuring technology from its own development and production for applications in the bulk handling and particle industry. The DYNAmas, new in the portfolio of the Hamburg company, can be implemented for the online mass flow rate measurement of bulk materials of all... [read more]

Mark your calendars: the 13th annual One Day at J&J seminar will take place on July 21 at our corporate headquarters in Tyngsboro, MA, just north of Boston. Through practical discussion and laboratory demonstrations, this all-day seminar will provide insights into common flow problems that aris... [read more]

Peoria, IL, USA – A global leader in mobile dust and odor suppression has announced the introduction of its new and largest trailer-mounted dust control system, a powerful atomized mist design featuring a range of 100 meters and the ability to deliver 140,000 square feet (15,500 square meters) of co... [read more]

Success Story for Rodepa Plastics B.V. and Herbold Meckesheim GmbH For the production of high-quality regrind HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH has installed a model line for Rodepa Plastics B.V. in The Netherlands that was launched at the beginning of the year. High-quality granulate for film thicknesses b... [read more]

Neponset, IL, USA – A world leader in conveyor belt cleaning solutions has introduced a secondary cleaning system that removes nearly all of the carryback left on a belt, including adhesive materials and fines lodged in surface divots and valleys. The Martin® WashboxTM Cleaning System combines water... [read more]

Whitstable, Kent -  Flexicon has introduced a new bulk bag lifting frame with telescoping arms that accommodates bulk bags produced in an increasing range of sizes. The lifting frame is optional on all BFC models of Flexicon's BULK-OUT® discharger line, and available for up to two tonne capacities ... [read more]

The CI Series rotary valves are also available in sanitary 304 or 316 cast stainless steel models. Sanitary CI Series models also offer the ACS RotorRail™ quick-clean feature. Industries and Systems: Plastics, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Pet Food, Construction, Chemical Specifications INLET/OU... [read more]

On May 25, 2016 Ute and Reinhard Wöhlbier visited the bulk handling equipment manufacturer KREISEL GmbH & Co. KG in Krauschwitz, in the Görlitz district of Saxony, close to the border with Poland. We were welcomed by Wolfgang Kreisel, Managing Director and Enrico Kasper, Sales Manager. On Augus... [read more]

Meet our bulk-online Leaders

Pelletron’s experienced Bulkmatology® team provides Pneumatic Conveying and DeDusting solutions for the Plastics, Minerals, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Whether it`s de-bottlenecking existing systems or designing complete turnkey plants from the ground up, Pelletron`s extensive know-how and... [read more]

VAC-U-MAX specializes in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying components, systems, controls, and support equipment for vacuum conveying, batching, and weighing of dry bulk materials. With a VAC-U-MAX pneumatic conveying system on site, bulk materials move gently and quickly from point ... [read more]

Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in the design, installation and maintenance of process feeders and pneumatic conveying systems for the handling of bulk solids. Coperion K-Tron is an industry expert in designing systems to convey hard to handle materials. Specialized in high accuracy feeding and ... [read more]

The BEUMER Group is an international manufacturing leader in intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology. Together with Crisplant a/s and Enexco Teknologies India Limited, the BEUMER Group employed some 3,700 people in 2013. The g... [read more]

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wheel grind effects

In Repair & Maintenance Aspects by John Gateley
at 28. Jun 2016 19:05 - 2 replies - 24 views

Dear All, but especially those who see wheel based bulk handling machines around themselves: I've come across a wheel failure mode that I did not yet see anywhere: A ground away of part of the wheels circumference, as if the wheel stood still and the machine continued to move. Message until now is, ...... [read more]

side wall cleated belt

In Mechanical Conveying by Uditha Kohowala
at 26. Jun 2016 23:48 - 4 replies - 273 views

Here is what is typically used for pocket belts. Before you can take this one on you need to know for starters: tonnage; speed; particle spectra; material characteristics; type of belt, your photos contradict; available alternatives: your proposal is unrealistic at face value. One picture shows a c...... [read more]

Tube conveyor

In General Aspects by Roland Heilmann
at 21. Jun 2016 14:48 - 1 replies - 305 views

Dear Mr. Zhu, all of the big players in mat. handling shall quote for a sufficiently large tube conveyor project. Furthermore, assuming you are based in the ROC, you should be well placed to receive local / mainland quotations. I'd rather predict a rush, under the current circumstances. What would b...... [read more]

I'm looking for a good solution for joining in-line two tubular vibratory conveyors, in horizontal position and diam. 500 mm. The vibatory conveyors are powered by two out-of-balance vibrators in contra rotation This joining will be sanitary and dust proof. I will apreciate recomendations. Thanks ...... [read more]

Anyone can give the answer of my Question? Its using in Pharmaceutical Industries to manufacture Tablets. I want details on it. Hello, not being fully sure what exactly your question is, if you look for a > TABLET PRESS < then you might seek for this very item on the net. A start (no rel.) would be...... [read more]

Hi Roland, You might have just coined the phrase 'environmentally correct'. For myself, I have very few qualms when it comes to telling it like it is. Surely a gadget for making life saving pills has to be friendly to all and sundry. Aren't there FDA etc rules for this activity? Dear Lady or Sir, t...... [read more]


The “Bulkoholics” No. 9

by Reinhard Wöhlbier at 24. Apr 2016 15:29 - 174 views
in Bulkoholics

Dear Bulkoholics, today we will show a few photos of PGBSIA 2013, The International Conference on Powder, Granule and Bulk Solids: Innovations and Applications, held at Thapar University, Patiala, India on November 28-30, 2013, the first of its kind in Northern India. (You find the Technical Progr... [read more]

The "Bulkoholics" No. 8

by Reinhard Wöhlbier at 07. Apr 2016 10:11 - 399 views
in Bulkoholics

Dear Bulkoholics, we want to share a few photographs from a memorable visit to WAMGROUP in Ponte Motta/Cavezzo (MO), Italy in June 2007. Our host was Michael Grass, Corporate Public Relations Manager. _______ Some Statistics (as of April 7, 2016): The “Bulkoholics” No. 1 – February 13, 2016  –  70... [read more]

The "Bulkoholics" No. 7

by Reinhard Wöhlbier at 27. Mar 2016 10:57 - 751 views
in Bulkoholics

Dear Bulkoholics, today we would like to show a few photos of an important powder/bulk venue in the Far East, i.e. the Shanghai Powder & Bulk Conference & Exhibition (this is nowadays the IPB organized by NürnbergMesse China, a sister exhibition to POWTECH Nürnberg, Germany). We will concent... [read more]

The "Bulkoholics" No. 6

by Reinhard Wöhlbier at 19. Mar 2016 11:20 - 500 views
in Bulkoholics

Dear Bulkoholics, Ten years ago, on April 23-27 2006, the  Fifth World Conference on Particle Technology 2006 (WCPT5) took place in Orlando, FLorida, USA and this is a good reason to show a few photos and recall the great time we had with all the other Bulkoholics. (A "very Personal Photo Gallery" w... [read more]

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Aus der Industrie

Rodepa Plastics B.V. und Herbold Meckesheim GmbH Für die Herstellung von Regranulat in hoher Qualität hat HERBOLD MECKESHEIM GmbH für Rodepa Plastics in NL eine vorbildliche Anlage errichtet, die Anfang des Jahres in Betrieb genommen wurde. Dort werden Granulate in hoher Qualität für Foliendicken u... [read more]

Vom Bauboom in Indien profitiert auch die ACC Wadi, die zur Schweizer Holcim-Gruppe gehört. Der indische Zementhersteller hat deshalb in Wadi im südindischen Bundesstaat Karnataka die Leistung seines Werks auf 13.000 Tagestonnen ausgebaut. Dafür lieferte die BEUMER Group als Generalunternehmer schlü... [read more]

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions hat von der HeidelbergCement AG den Auftrag über die Lieferung einer neuen Zementklinkerproduktionslinie erhalten. Die Anlage mit einer Produktionskapazität von 4.500 Tagestonnen Zementklinker wird im Werk Schelklingen in Baden-Württemberg errichtet und ersetzt e... [read more]

Seien Sie unser Gast auf der Powtech in Nürnberg! Die Microtrac GmbH freut sich auf Ihren Besuch und interessante Gespräche mit Ihnen auf unserem Messstand in der Halle 1 Stand 1-510 vom 19. bis 21.04.2016. Aus unserer Produktpalette werden wir optische Messsysteme zur Partikelform und -größe sowie... [read more]

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions mit einer Weltpremiere und neuem Standardmaschinensortiment auf der bauma 2016 • Größter Kreiselbrecher der Welt feiert Premiere • Modernisierte Standardmaschinen für die Aufbereitung von Hartgestein und Kohle • Neue Kompakt-Schaufelradbagger zur Gewinnung harter... [read more]

1.   Einleitung Dieser Artikel berichtet über die Vorteile der KREISEL-Keramik-Schleuse ZSV-H gegenüber der Schneckenpumpe, sowie über die erfolgreiche Inbetriebnahme einer ZSV-H im September 2015. Der pneumatische Transport von feinen Schüttgütern, wie Zement, Rohmehl, Flugasche oder Kohle erfolg... [read more]

Detmold/Deutschland, im April 2016 – Die vertikalen Schnellmischer der Baureihe Flex®-line von MTI Mischtechnik sind individuell konfigurierbare Prozessanlagen für die manuell oder vollautomatisch gesteuerte Aufbereitung von Schüttgütern. Je nach Ausführung reicht das Anwendungsspektrum vom Einsatz ... [read more]

Das Unternehmen IPEG, Inc., Spezialist für Anlagen im Bereich Kunststoffverarbeitung, Abfallrecycling und Energietransport, hat die Pelletron Corporation übernommen, einen führenden Anbieter von pneumatischen Fördersystemen, speziellen Entstaubungstechnologien und anderen Anlagenkomponenten. Pel... [read more]