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Hello Liam, something similar like those tailings might be moistened flyash, as needs to be disposed from coal power stations. You could look this up, here in the forum. Do you have any chance to increase belt speed w/o increasing throughput? Minimum transfer heights / guiding the material into belt...... [read more]

Hello to everybody, at a specific client, with our inland silobarge, we cannot discharge faster than 45 tons/hour. I want to know the raison why. Barge has 3 pressure tanks of 150m³ each, 30 meter 6" conveying line (5m vertical, 25m horizontal and 2 bends D9 + D5 ) and compressorcapacity of 35m³/min...... [read more]

Crusher Calculations

Crusher Calculations

In Ask Lyn Forum by Roland Heilmann
at 20. Apr 2015 07:42 - 1 replies

Hello pectos, as enginering student I'd do in following order (pls. skip what you already did): 1) do a full set of sketches in order to visualize all related parameters (not only some) 2) do a check of units (your formulae show different bases, e.g. h vs. min) or else the coefficients (if the formu...... [read more]

Thank you Amrit, the article is very interesting and useful. Regards Mark Originally posted by Amrit Agarwal My article "Theory and Design of Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems" was published this month in Powder Handling and Processing magazine. This article gives an easy to use Excel-based...... [read more]

Top European bulk-online eDirectory Listings (as of April 19, 2015) Please visit the listings of these companies and see how they present themselves and what they might be able to do for you and your operation. They finance this Portal and the powder/bulk community owes them much! The numbers repres...... [read more]

Hi, I found this forum through my internet research in terms of a detection device that we have developed and for which we try to estimate a possible market. Hopefully I can get some advices and opinions on the subject from operators and suppliers in the bulk handling industries. We have developed a...... [read more]

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Alternative Uses for Bulk Bags?

Alternative Uses for Bulk Bags?

In New Projects, Tenders, Inquiries by CliffePackaging
at 18. Apr 2015 22:23 - 0 replies

Hi all, I'm new in the bulk online forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Cliffe from Cliffe Packaging (see more about us here if you're really interested: and wanted to ask if anyone else had any ideas of alternative uses for bulk bags? We've heard a few stories in the past from builders using t...... [read more]

Eriez® Releases Updated PM Grate Magnets Brochure Erie, PA, USA - Eriez® announces the release of an updated brochure featuring PM Grate Magnets. These permanent high temperature Rare Earth separators are designed to remove ferrous contamination from plastic pellets, flake and regrind prior to an in...... [read more]

Advances in Conveyor Technology by Simon Shipp, President BEUMER Kansas City, LLC Introduction The modern industrial process plant is often more sophisticated than the bulk transport method connecting it to its raw materials. Advances in overland conveyor technology have improved efficiency, capital...... [read more]

Prater Completes Testing To Become Only NFPA-69 Certified Rotary Airlock Valve Commercially Available In North America In February of 2015 Prater Rotary Airlock Valves were tested at the Fike® Remote Testing Facility according to guidance found in NFPA 69. Fike® concluded that Prater Rotary Airlock ...... [read more]

SIERRA GORDA The Domes over the 7th Largest Copper and Moly Development April 14, 2015, Houston, TX, USA — Sierra Gorda, a community in the Antofagasta Province of far north Chile, sits in the Atacama Desert 1,700 meters above sea level. The arid landscape evokes an otherworldly mystique complete wi...... [read more]

SWECO® Introduces QuickChange PT Florence, Kentucky, USA – SWECO, a world leader in separation technology, is pleased to introduce the next generation lift system for screen changes, the QuickChange PT (QCPT). This pneumatically powered lift system is operated by simply turning a switch, making scre...... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

In Zusammenarbeit mit Schüttgut-Magazin

Wassernebel bindet Staub! Arbeiten in den Bereichen Tunnelbau und Tagebau, Recycling von Abfall- und Wertstoffen sowie Schüttgut-Verarbeitung, - Umschlag und auch – Lagerung sind häufig mit hoher Staubentwicklung verbunden. Dieser führt zu enormen Beeinträchtigungen bei Mensch, Umwelt, Maschinen und...... [read more]

Im harten Untertagebau einfach arbeiten UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2015: FLEXCO vereinfacht mit Transportbandverbinde- und Reinigungssystemen Wartung, Reparaturen und Reinigung Auf der UGOL ROSSII & MINING, der internationalen Fachausstellung für Bergbautechnologie, Explorationstechnik, Mineralienverarbei...... [read more]

interVIB GmbH: Zuwachs in der Projekt- und Vertriebsabteilung Die interVIB GmbH, Hersteller von Schwing- und Vibrationsmaschinen jeglicher Art und Weise und für alle Industriezweige, verstärkt mit Herrn Ralf Peter Klimczak die Vertriebs- und Projektabteilung durch jahrzehntelange Vertriebserfahrung....... [read more]

Vitafoods Europe, Genf - Messeeinladung - HECHT Technologie Vom 05.05.2015 bis 07.05.2015 findet die diesjährige Internationale Leitmesse der Nahrungsergänzungsmittelbranche und „Healthy Foods“ “Vitafoods Europe“ in Genf statt - ein Highlight, auf das wir alle hinfiebern. Die Firma HECHT Technologie...... [read more]

Noch drei Wochen bis zur Messe: Ihr Gratis-Ticket zur SCHÜTTGUT Basel 2015 am 06. und 07. Mai 2015 Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Am 6. und 7. Mai 2015 ist Basel wieder Drehscheibe der Schweizer Schüttgut-Welt. Mehr als 1.000 Fachbesucher werden zur SCHÜTTGUT Basel 2015 erwartet. Verschaffen auch Si...... [read more]

Die Siebung von Promaxon-D, ein synthetisches Pulver auf Kalziumsilikat-Basis Die Vibrationssiebmaschine Russell Compact Sieve hilft die hohen Qualitätsstandards bei Promat Belgien zu sichern Promat, ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen in der Herstellung von Hochleistungsbrandschutz- und Dämmprodukte...... [read more]

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    IPB 2014  International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference October 14-16, 2014 International Exhibition Centre INTEX Shanghai, China China´s leading trade show for technologies for size reduction, grinding, mixing, screening, filtering, dosing, and conveying of po... [read more]

23rd Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing In its over 30-year history, the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. It holds second place in the overall ranking of internation... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]