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Blower Outlet Flow Rate

In Dust Control & Suppression by John Gateley
at 02. Mar 2015 12:47 - 2 replies

I couldn't even understand the question? Another one liner looking for a full textbook answer. It's getting monotonous. Still, it was worth a click. This is a meaningless question. You need to understand the fan laws. Michael Reid. Hi, the blower having the air flow rate 2200 m^3/hr what will be t...... [read more]

Standards of Conveyor Pulleys

Standards of Conveyor Pulleys

In General Aspects by Lawrence Nordell
at 02. Mar 2015 08:05 - 11 replies

If you class pulleys by Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty who decides the limits of each category? Who takes the responsibility if you install a medium duty where it should have been a heavy duty? The best way to select pulleys is by accurately calculating the T1 and T2 tensions that will be ap...... [read more]

Conveyor Joints Efficiency

Conveyor Joints Efficiency

In Trough Belt Conveying by Lawrence Nordell
at 02. Mar 2015 03:52 - 2 replies

Dear experts, In the multiple ply fabric belts, the theoretical joint efficiency is (n-1)x100/n where n is the number of plies present in the fabric belt. For example, in 5 belt, the joint efficiency is 80%, for 4 ply belt, it is 75% and so on. Kindly clear my doubts : 1) Is this same for cold joint...... [read more]

Google Analytics for (January 1, 2015) Audience Overview for the period January 1, 2015 to February 28, 2015 Sessions: 156,002 Users: 138,069 Pageviews: 234,416 Pages / Session: 1.50 Avg. Session Duration: 00:00:56 Bounce Rate: 83.39 % New Sessions: 86.56 % Google Analytics for bulk...... [read more]

15 m Stockpile Height

15 m Stockpile Height

In Stacking Blending Reclaiming by H RAMAKRISHNA
at 01. Mar 2015 14:34 - 8 replies

Hello, Coal stockpile can have spontaneous (self ignited) fire in certain situation which depends upon coal chemical characteristics, ambient temperature, moisture, air quantity within stockpile , stagnancy of stockpile etc. as said by mining authorities, plant owners, reputed CHP makers and electri...... [read more]

Single Ply Conveyor Belts

In Trough Belt Conveying by Andrew Hustrulid
at 01. Mar 2015 01:29 - 1 replies

Dear Ganesh, In the USA, and in recent years some other markets, the US Flex style single ply and duel ply belts have been used successfully in various applications. In the last two years there has been renewed interest in single ply belts reinforced with aramid (Kevlar from Dupont). There have been...... [read more]

News from Industry

TS 842 – the largest Radial Telescopic Stacker in Denmark Deep down in the largest gravel pit in Denmark you find the largest mobile conveyor in the country – a Telestack TS 842. NSI is the largest producer of sand and gravel in Denmark and at their gravel pit in Roskilde close to the capital city o...... [read more]

Pelletron at the NPE 2015 Booth W3383 Pelletron is a leading provider of pneumatic conveying systems and components for the plastics industry. Pelletron introduces and displays new DeDusters and the pellcon3® conveying process at the NPE 2015 show in Orlando, Florida. Pellcon3® – the new gentle conv...... [read more]

Alexa Global Traffic Rankings of some major powder & bulk solids websites (as of February 28, 2015) showing the position/rank of these websites in the world wide web (the lower the number, the better the position in the www). For reference purposes: (USA) Global Rank: 1 USA: 1 1. bulk-onl...... [read more]

BULKEX 2015 Please find attached an up to date floor plan of the hall for BULKEX 2015. Please see the link below to register for the seminar and view accommodation etc. Please note on the back of the brochure, the price list for booking before 01.03.2015. Please also note that ...... [read more]

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at NPE 2015 Latest developments in compounding and bulk materials handling technology Pitman, NJ, USA, January, 2015 – At this year’s NPE, March 23-27, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, West Hall, Booth W1329 Coperion and Coperion K-Tron present their la...... [read more]

ZTA Ceramic Grinding Beads

ZTA Ceramic Grinding Beads

In Product Presentations by Zhang Hongbo
at 26. Feb 2015 09:17 - 0 replies

New developed ZTA beads, it is a ceramic grinding media, for tailings milling. More details: ...... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

In Zusammenarbeit mit Schüttgut-Magazin

Präsident und CEO von Eriez® hält Vortrag auf dem 15. International Automobile Recycling Congress Tim Shuttleworth, Präsident und CEO von Eriez®, wird auf dem 15. International Automobile Recycling Congress (IARC 2015) einen Vortrag zum Thema „Profitabilität trotz verschärfter chinesischer Einfuhrb...... [read more]

Verwendung von Ultraschall-Separator, um Messing für Pulverfarben und Beschichtungen zu sieben Es ist üblich, feine Metallpulver in der Beschichtungsindustrie zu sieben, um eine gleichmäßige Schicht zu gewährleisten und bei der Anwendung Verstopfungen der Ausrüstung, wie Sprühdüsen, zu verhindern. E...... [read more]

Lufttechnische Lösungen für einen großen Leistungsbereich auf der ComVac Ostfildern, 02.03.2015 - Der Ventilatorenhersteller Elektror airsystems gmbh präsentiert auf der diesjährigen Hannover Messe ein umfangreiches Produktsortiment für einen breiten lufttechnischen Bereich und nahezu jede Anwendung...... [read more] wieder weltweit führend Die neueste Analyse bestätigt, dass wiederum, seit nunmehr ca. 15 Jahren, das weltweit führende, meist besuchte Portal auf dem Gebiet der Schüttgut-Fördertechnik ist. Weltweit und auch im deutschsprachigen Raum. Das Schüttgut-Magazin ...... [read more]

VON DER PULVERMISCHUNG BIS ZUM FERTIGEN GRANULAT IM ISOLATOR Three-Tec entwickelt qualitativ hochwertige volumetrische und gravimetrische Dosiersysteme und Extruder sowie Peripheriegeräte wie Spheronizer, Granulatoren, Heissabschläge, Förderbänder, und Wasserbäder. Sie überzeugen durch ihre einfache...... [read more]

Coperion und Coperion K-Tron auf der NPE 2015 Neueste Technologien für das Compoundieren und Schüttguthandling Stuttgart, im Januar 2015 – Auf der diesjährigen NPE, 23 27. März, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, West Hall, Stand W1329, präsentieren Coperion und Coperion K-Tron ihre ...... [read more]

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    IPB 2014  International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference October 14-16, 2014 International Exhibition Centre INTEX Shanghai, China China´s leading trade show for technologies for size reduction, grinding, mixing, screening, filtering, dosing, and conveying of po... [read more]

23rd Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing In its over 30-year history, the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. It holds second place in the overall ranking of internation... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]

The Powder/Bulk Portal presents Impressions gained at a visit to POWTECH 2014 in Nuremberg, in form of a Photo Gallery. More details on POWTECH and TechnoPharm 2014 can be found here (in English) and here (in German). This is a very personal selection of photographs stressing the powder/bulk com... [read more]