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We'd like to have a pallet of 2 cu ft water soluble bags containing a natural powder - stored outside. So each bag must be protected from rain somehow. Any advice on how best to do this ? Oh come on! :rolleyes::rolleyes::D: yes take some packaging tape probably some duct tape - cloth tape and seal...... [read more]

Tripper Trolley

Tripper Trolley

In General Aspects by John Gateley
at 18. Dec 2014 06:47 - 4 replies

The only thing that I can see is maybe for easy trolley removal for maintenance. Other than that there would be no reason for it. The inclined beam is far too heavy for the duty since the smaller beam is supporting the loads. In consideration of this deadweight imbalance I suggest the pin joint has...... [read more]

To Whom It May Concern My name is Francisco Illezcas, I work in Químca Amtex S.A de C.V., company located in México that produces CMC (Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) in powder. The main raw material is cellulose, which is milled and sent to silos by pneumatic conveying. In this step there are many...... [read more]

PET Flakes Flow

In Ask Lyn Forum by Tim Bonerb
at 17. Dec 2014 22:51 - 3 replies

Flaky and interlocking materials can present quite a challenge to bin design as they gain strength rapidly with compacting pressure and are difficult to shear, particularly if the flakes tend to have elastic properties or are soft and deformable This points to the need to minimise compaction forces ...... [read more]

On Site Training to Start Belt Repair Department

On Site Training to Start Belt Repair Department

In General Aspects by SkiBum80
at 17. Dec 2014 20:58 - 0 replies

I work for an underground mine in Colorado. We have been using contractors for our belt repairs for the past 15+ years. I have been tasked with starting a belt repair department for small ( ...... [read more]

Contact Applied DEM at Their software will do everything you are asking. Contact Clint Hudson for pricing. In addition to DEM Solutions response. The more detail the information on the product the more accurate the analysis will be, ie; moisture content, particle size distribution, insitu density (...... [read more]

News from Industry

Controlling Moisture in Parboiled Rice Production Around 50% of the worlds’ paddy rice production is parboiled. This is a process during rice production in which the paddy (raw) rice is steamed in the husk and then dried. This hardens the individual grains making them easier to handle and reduces th...... [read more]

Powerforce Announces Plan to Go Dutch Instrumentation made in The Netherlands satisfies US requirements for precision, quality and services excellence in weighing. Ever increasing cost of materials and growing stringent environmental regulations on food safety standards, consistent quality and track...... [read more]

I could image that you were more successful in publishing your powder work on a special Forum like the Powder/Bulk Portal rather than on Facebook. We also have a section in German language. Best regards, Dr. Reinhard Wöhlbier Administrator Photo Added by Moderator: Dear Sir and Madam, we support yo...... [read more]

Optyx® Sorters Maximize Product Quality at Tayto December 16, 2014 – Tayto is the largest British-owned manufacturer of potato chips/crisps and the top selling brand of chips in Northern Ireland. Their mission is to make superior products by using superior technology. In 2014, they turned to Key Tec...... [read more]

Bulk Container Dumper Design Reduces Changeover Times and Improves Product Safety; Process-specific Chassis Enables Stable, 16-foot Lift and Unload Cycles of 2,500-pound Loads Holland, Michigan, December 16, 2014 – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). This bulk container dumper is designed specifica...... [read more]

Transition in the Management of Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Ernst Greten, the current spokesperson of the management and managing director of Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG, retires from active duties from the company management effective on 1st Decembe...... [read more]

Aus der Industrie

Die passende Dosierlösung Dosieren von Calciumcarbonat Calciumcarbonat (CaCO3) ist einer der beliebtesten mineralischen Füllstoffe, die in der Kunststoffindustrie zum Einsatz kommen. Dieser Füllstoff ist weltweit verfügbar, lässt sich problemlos mahlen bzw. auf eine bestimmte Partikelgröße reduziere...... [read more]

Bandschlupf hat keine Chance Flexco liefert für Förderanlagen verschleißfeste Trommelbeläge aus Gummi und Keramik Damit in Bandförderanlagen, wie sie im Bergbau, in Stahlwerken oder in der Holzverarbeitung eingesetzt werden, kein Schlupf auftritt, muss der Betreiber den geeigneten Belag auf den Antr...... [read more]

Exklusive Zusammenarbeit von Coperion und Muhr Waggon-Beladesysteme für Polymergranulate Coperion hat den Zuschlag für die Lieferung eines Waggon-Beladesystems für Polyolefin-Granulat erhalten, das sich durch hohe Durchsätze und hohe Füllgrade auszeichnet. An vier Verladestationen werden Waggons mit...... [read more]

11. Fachtagung Gurtförderer und deren Elemente mit neuer Exkursion RWE Kraftwerk Neurath BoA 2 & 3 am 18 19. März 2015 in Essen - Vorträge am 18. März 10:00 - ca. 17:30 Uhr mit anschließender Abendveranstaltung Vorträge am 19. März bis ca. 12:15 Uhr mit anschließendem Imbiss und Abfahrt zur Exkursio...... [read more]

US-Kartellbehörde genehmigt Veyance-Kauf mit Auflagen Hannover, 12. Dezember 2014 • Auch Freigabe der Kartellbehörde aus Kanada erhalten • Veyance-Luftfederwerk in Mexiko muss verkauft werden Continental ist dem Vollzug des im Februar vereinbarten Erwerbs der Veyance Technologies Inc., Fairlawn, Ohi...... [read more]

Neuer Produktkatalog für industrielles Wägen Erfahren Sie in unserem Nachschlagewerk ein vielfältiges Lösungsangebot der verschiedensten Anforderungen an die Gewichtsdatenerfassung. Auf über 170 Seiten finden Sie im neuen Produktkatalog alles über industrielle Mess- und Wägelösungen: • Wägeterminals...... [read more]

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    IPB 2014  International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Exhibition & Conference October 14-16, 2014 International Exhibition Centre INTEX Shanghai, China China´s leading trade show for technologies for size reduction, grinding, mixing, screening, filtering, dosing, and conveying of po... [read more]

Once upon a time Professor Matheron talked about Brownian motion along straight lines. He did so during his own presentation at the colloquium on Geostatistics at the University of Kansas on June 7-9, 1970.  Matheron never got into counting degrees of freedom. Incredibly, the Creator of Geostatistic... [read more]

23rd Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing In its over 30-year history, the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become a prominent meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. It holds second place in the overall ranking of internation... [read more]

Professor George Matheron did! How many geostatistocrats knew that he was the mastermind behind  the novel science of geostatistics? Dr Frederic P Agterberg was another mastermind. I'll need more time to report what he has been writing. Of course, it makes no sense to krige, smooth and rig the rules... [read more]



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