Designed to remove extruded material away and effectively start the pneumatic conveying process to the dryer from the extruder, the new Supplied Air Extruder (SAE) Hood from Schenck Process is loaded with innovations that are critical to the pet food manufacturing process. Unique to the system is a... [read more]

thyssenkrupp has won a contract from Yamama Saudi Cement Company, one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest cement producers, to build two turnkey cement clinker production lines. The two lines with an overall capacity of 20,000 tpd cement will be built at a new site around 80 km east of the capital Riyadh. The... [read more]

Part I: The bulk-online Leaders & Sponsors On November 4 and 5, 2015  trade professionals  attended the double trade show in Dortmund, Germany: Schüttgut (SOLIDS) + Recycling Technology As in previous years, The Powder/Bulk Portal again presents its impressions in form of a Photo Gallery whic... [read more]

Rulmeca Corporation has published a new Motorized Pulley flyer for the convenience of bulk materials handling conveyor engineers and operators in North America. Filled with useful illustrations and technical information, this eight page document will help managers solve a variety of conveyor problem... [read more]

About this course: This comprehensive course will cover various topics related to bulk solids, pairing classroom instruction with practical, hands-on training. Course topics include: Flow properties of bulk solids and common flow problems Particle characterization and caking Feeders and mechanical ... [read more]

The SWB505 MultiMount™ weigh module now comes with new and improved load-cell technology for even higher accuracy that was possible before. It is easy and safe to install and has received OIML C6 and NTEP IIIM approvals for use in applications with a high-accuracy requirement. The SWB505 MultiMount... [read more]

The European Union plans to turn heavily towards using renewable energy in order to reduce emissions by 80 percent before 2050.  They are focused on reaching this goal, not just through the use of solar and wind but also wood pellets. In numerous European countries, the use of wood pellets to produ... [read more]

Over the years, the Conveyor Manufacturers Association of SA Ltd (CMA) has held regular conferences, seminars and meetings covering various topics of interest and importance to the materials handling and conveyor industry. Conveyors are highly complex systems, consisting of a large number of compone... [read more]

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Dear ALL Second International Conference on Powder, Granule and Bulk Solids: Innovation and Applications (PGBSIA 2016) will be held in Jaipur, India from December 1 to 3, 2016. The conference website is: see for details regarding list of Keynote Speakers, scope, registration, call for papers, benefi...... [read more]

Enviromax hepa filtered enclosures

Enviromax hepa filtered enclosures

In Product Presentations by Reinhard Wöhlbier
at 22. Nov 2015 12:30 - 0 replies - 113 views

ENVIROMAX HEPA FILTERED ENCLOSURES FOR PACKAGING / HANDLING POWDERS Enclosures are designed to isolate powder handling, sample weighing, high throughput screening, and other lab automated processes. Enclosure can feature HEPA filtered exhaust or HEPA filtered systems to protect users or product depe...... [read more]

PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES BOOSTED WITH BIG-BAG HANDLING Processing procedures involving powdered, granulated or other free-flowing materials require regular, high volume product top-ups to maintain adequate production through-puts. The specialised big-bag, air operated hoists manufactured by J.D. Neuhaus...... [read more]

Alexa Global Traffic Rankings of some major powder & bulk solids websites (as of November 21, 2015) showing the position/rank of these websites in the world wide web (the lower the number, the better the position in the www). For reference purposes: (USA) Global Rank: 1 USA: 1 Bounce Rate...... [read more]

Meet Dora Schuck, Aftermarket Sales Representative Dora Schuck has been a part of the Schenck Process team for the past year and three months. As Aftermarket Sales Representative, Dora serves weighing and feeding customers in the United States, Mexico and Central America. Originally from Lima, Peru,...... [read more]

Dear Friends and Members, dear Bulkoholics, The Powder/Bulk Portal presents the latest: bulk-online News & Video Watch (as of November 12, 2015) We invite your editorial material, press releases, articles, white papers, etc. for fast worldwide dissemination. Should you have News of interest to the w...... [read more]

625 series - mineral sizer

In Used & Refurbished Equipment by Nick Pickard
at 05. Nov 2015 12:22 - 0 replies - 533 views

We have in stock a good used 625 Series Mineral Sizer/Roll Sizer - 3 tooth with adjustable breaker bar. 2000mm working throat 3 Tooth Solid Ring. Available as a Twin or Single drive. www.mineralsizer. ...... [read more]

Hazemag Swing Hammer - Hammer Mill

In Used & Refurbished Equipment by Nick Pickard
at 05. Nov 2015 12:14 - 0 replies - 174 views

Hazemag Swing Hammer - Hammer Mill 80mm x 80mm new Hammers New Hammer Pins New Fixed Knives. New 120mm x 120mm Grid. Support Stand with rubber mounting pads Large infeed hopper. 150kw Electric Motor New -V belts New Star / Delta starter. Rotor length 1200mm x 700mm Dia Priced to sell. Suit many ...... [read more]

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Conveyor Speed Calculation

In Ask Lyn Forum by Mitchell Thornley
at 26. Nov 2015 22:10 - 0 replies - 21 views

I need have 2 feed conveyors, speed 12 metres per minute, which both then feed onto 1 tranverse conveyor, what speed would the tranverse conveyor need to travel at assuming all conveyors are the same width, material is boxes? ...... [read more]

Screw feeder-Power

In Solutions for Screws, Segregation & Solids Flow by John Gateley
at 26. Nov 2015 15:49 - 4 replies - 193 views

.for the definitive answer. But for now I suspect you need a variable pitch auger considering that your hopper in-feed length is 2600mm and the width is only 270mm. Auger flights are surprisingly cheap and you could modify as you think fit. There are also many US manufacturers' websites which give ...... [read more]

Dear experts, We have many conveyors for conveying sinter or CDRI ( cold direct reduced iron ) pellets. OBMS ( Overband Magnetic Separators ) could not be used to remove the scrap ferrous materials above these conveyors. How to remove the ferrous scraps (from these conveying materials), which are po...... [read more]

Mannose processing - sticking to everything

In General Aspects by John Gateley
at 25. Nov 2015 21:09 - 5 replies - 234 views

NaCl is very hygroscopic - what is the moisture level in your atmosphere? You say humidity controlled but what level is it controlling to? What is the moisture content throughout the mill process? I have worked in the salt industry for over 30 years and found that anything over a 2% moisture content...... [read more]

Good day, I'm supporting companies on daily basis with their problems caused by static electricity. We've done a solution for discharging the material during the pneumatic conveying and it has been very successfull at some places. Since this is quite a new area for static control systems, i'm a bit ...... [read more]

Mechanical alloying

In Nanoparticle Technology by Andrey Chumokhvalov
at 23. Nov 2015 13:56 - 1 replies - 982 views

Gentlemen. I want to describe to you about the new step in the development of the technology of mechanical alloying. On our information this technology is used for the first time in the world practice. During one year at the mill PCM50-“nano”- we carry out the mechanical synthesis of the composite F...... [read more]

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SCHÜTTGUT 2015: Messeerfolg für Gurttrommeln Als weltweiter Anbieter von Gurttrommeln trat Doppstadt erstmalig auf der Dortmunder Messe Schüttgut 2015 Anfang November auf. Das Ziel: gerade die Kunden anzusprechen, die nach ganz individuellen Lösungen suchen. „Diese Kunden brauchen keine Produkte von...... [read more]

Die Photo Gallery: Solids & Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2015 – Part I: The bulk-online Leaders & Sponsors ist erschienen. Wir laden Sie zu einem Besuch ein: Wir freuen uns über Ihr Feedback, Korrekturen, Ergänzungen, zusätzliche Namen, etc. Reinhard Wöhlbier ...... [read more]

thyssenkrupp gewinnt Großauftrag zum Bau einer der größten Zementanlagen in Saudi Arabien – Auftragswert im höheren dreistelligen Millionen € Bereich – Geplante Inbetriebnahme 2018 thyssenkrupp hat von der Yamama Saudi Cement Company, einem der größten Zementhersteller Saudi Arabiens, einen Auftrag ...... [read more]

Darmstadt, 24. November 2015 Holcim Deutschland profitiert beim Umrüsten dreier Zementwerke von Partnerschaft zu Schenck Process Wenige Wochen reichen für Go-Live von Versandautomation LOGiQ an drei Standorten Schenck Process hat in weniger als drei Monaten drei Zementwerke auf Smart-Factory-Standar...... [read more]

Deutsche Leitmessen Schüttgut und Recycling-Technik 2015 mit neuem Besucher-Rekord Dortmund, 10.11.2015: 6.561 Fachbesucher kamen am 4. und 5. November 2015 nach Dortmund und sorgten beim Fachmessen-Duo SCHÜTTGUT und RECYCLING-TECHNIK für einen Besucher-Rekord. Um 37 Prozent stieg die Anzahl zum Vor...... [read more]

thyssenkrupp mit neuem Markenauftritt

thyssenkrupp mit neuem Markenauftritt

In Firmenmitteilungen by Reinhard Wöhlbier
at 23. Nov 2015 09:37 - 0 replies - 127 views

thyssenkrupp mit neuem Markenauftritt – einheitliche Dachmarke für alle Konzerngesellschaften – Neue Marke spiegelt grundlegende Veränderung zum diversifizierten Industriekonzern wider – Markenversprechen stellt Kunden in den Mittelpunkt – Umsetzung und Einführung der Marke mit Augenmaß: keine mill...... [read more]

Jan Hendrik Ostgathe neuer Geschäftsführer bei KREYENBORG Plant Technology Seit Oktober 2015 ist Jan Hendrik Ostgathe neuer Geschäftsführer bei KREYENBORG Plant Technology (Senden, Deutschland). Die Gesellschaft wird nun durch die beiden Geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter Jan Hendrik Ostgathe und Jan...... [read more]

Hohe Auszeichnung für Dr. Reinhard Wöhlbier

Hohe Auszeichnung für Dr. Reinhard Wöhlbier

In Persönliches by Reinhard Wöhlbier
at 10. Nov 2015 17:54 - 0 replies - 179 views

Hohe Auszeichnung für Dr. Reinhard Wöhlbier Eigentlich sollte die Ehrung schon 2014 während der Fachmesse „Schüttgut“ in Dortmund stattfinden, musste aber verschoben werden und wurde dieses Jahr umso feierlicher nachgeholt. Mit dem DSIV Award wurde Reinhard Wöhlbier für sein Wirken in der deutschen ...... [read more]

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