James Kocher

James Kocher

President @ Solids Technology

after 2 years with Schenck. Presently President of Solids Technology, with offices in Litchfield [...] time helping people solve dry solids handling problems from Pahrmaceutical to mining. Golf and

Monitor Technologies

Monitor Technologies LLC

Level Measurement Sensors & Level Controls, Solids Flow Indicators, Du

Monitor Technologies offers practical solutions in bin level indication & control, level [...] measurement, silo inventory management, solids flow monitoring, moisture measurement, particle emission [...] (broken bag) detection and bin aeration for the storage of most powder & bulk solids and some [...] Handling Devices: http://www.monitortech.com/product.shtml - SFD / SFI Solids Flow Monitors http [...] ://www.monitortech.com/product_solids.shtml - QuantiMass Solids Flow Measurement Systems http