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Stand 9-429 Safety for ATEX Zones 21-22 becomes standard Italvibras electric vibrators — more [...] the explosion-proof CDX series vibrators. At Powtech 2007, Italvibras will present its range of foot [...] — these are the strong points of this series of Italvibras electric vibrators. Our flange-mounted MTF [...] Serienmäßige ATEX-Sicherheit für die Zonen 21 und 22 Italvibras Unwuchtmotoren: mehr Sicherheit zum selben [...] CDX. Italvibras wird ihr Angebot an elektrischen Unwuchtmotoren mit Fußbefestigung Serie MVSS, Micro


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Italvibras for the building trade A complete range of electric vibrators for every need Italvibras [...] vibrators produced by Italvibras are also reliable in the most critical situations. So much so, in [...] Italvibras electric vibrators in the vibrating machines employed in these sectors has led to a considerable [...] the Italvibras technicians to acquire know-how of the very top-most level. When it comes to the field [...] of concrete and large-scale prefabrication works, Italvibras has introduced new planning solutions

Italvibras Electric Vibrators

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Italvibras electric vibrators for compacting concrete Right from the very first models dating back [...] to over 35 years ago, Italvibras has always paid special attention to the field of large civil [...] engineering and precasting works. The competence of Italvibras has proved significant in this very [...] as 700-800 tons. Italvibras possesses the technology and experience that precasting enterprises [...] . Mechanical compacting with the variable frequency electric vibrators produced by Italvibras (ITV VR series

The Multivar from Italvibras

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concrete compacting sector, dating back to over 35 years ago, Italvibras has always paid specific [...] Italvibras created the Multivar mobile vibration frequency regulator (Patent N° M0980000021) to simplify [...] Italvibras, but also those already installed in the system and operated by 100, 150 or 200 Hz fixed [...] inverter with EMC filter, a device that has been extensively tried-and-tested by Italvibras in [...] features. Italvibras possesses the technology and experience able to offer precasting companies

Italvibras G. Silingardi

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Stand 9- 429 Italvibras G. Silingardi SpA: Expansion of the MVCC range of electric vibrators High [...] performance in direct current Italvibras has expanded the MVCC range of direct current electric [...] these activities, Italvibras offers the two models MVCC 3/1500 and MVCC 3/1200. For more [...] information, please visit: * Stand 9- 429 Italvibras G. Silingardi SpA: Erweiterung der Palette der [...] MVCC-Unwuchtmotoren Hohe Leistungen bei Gleichstrom Italvibras hat seine Produktpalette der MVCC

Italvibras MTF Series

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already been introduced in other Italvibras electric vibrator series: modern design, larger bearings

POWTECH 2004: Italvibras

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Stand 11-211 Atex Certification for Italvibras motovibrators Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX Directive or [...] atmospheres to obtain the so-called “notification of the guarantee of production quality”: Italvibras [...] EN ISO 9001 certification. Italvibras was the first Italian company to have obtained both UNI EN ISO [...] for the production systems, particularly in the chemical sector. This is why Italvibras produces safe [...] atmospheres, ATEX-CESI (EEx e – EEx d), U.L., C.S.A., D.I.P. Australia, ensure that Italvibras

Italvibras Product Range

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December 12, 2005 Italvibras Production Plan A new easy tool that’s complete and easy to use [...] Italvibras has recently brought out its new Production Plan for 2005. In pocket-size format, it contains [...] the full range of Italvibras rotary vibrators for the industrial sector and for construction work [...] identify the rotary vibrators and read the specifications at a glance. The Italvibras range includes [...] information, please visit: * Produktübersicht Italvibras. Ein neues Instrument – agil und

ATEX & Italvibras Vibrators

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ATEX safety for areas 21 and 22 Italvibras vibrators: greater safety, same price. Since 2006, the [...] Italvibras vibrators has not determined any specific variation of price. The MVSI-E, M3/65-E, MTF-E, MVB [...] company choice confirms Italvibras’ orientation towards innovation, improvement of safety systems and [...] substantially modified production processes at Italvibras allowing important results from a [...] Italvibras vibrators is also established from the strict quality control tests that the electric

Rüttler von Italvibras

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ATEX-Sicherheit serienmäßig für die Zonen 21 und 22. Rüttler von Italvibras mit Motorisierung [...] Italvibras mit Motorisierung hat zu keiner besonderen Veränderung der Listenpreise geführt. Die [...] die Ausrichtung von Italvibras auf Innovation, auf die Verbesserung der Sicherheitssysteme und auf [...] fortschrittlichsten Technologien, die in der letzten Zeit die Produktionsprozesse von Italvibras [...] . Die anerkannte Zuverlässigkeit der Rüttler von Italvibras mit Motorisierung rührt auch von den

Iqbal Nasser

Iqbal Nasser

Chief Executive Officer @ Technotalent

associated with Sensortronics for loadcells and Italvibras for Motor vibrators. Developed a range of

Large Electric Vibrators

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Italvibras’ large electric vibrators Italvibras’ foot mounted electric vibrators feature high [...] gas, Italvibras proposes the MVSI-E series, certified ATEX II 2 G,D can be used in areas 1, 2, 21 and [...] values, Italvibras proposes the MVSI-ACC series, characterised by the motor shaft projecting from one [...] side, allowing in-line coupling, using a dynamic joint, between two equal vibrators. Italvibras [...] sectors, where the machines are subjected to extremely harsh operating conditions. Use of Italvibras

Electric Vibrators

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Italvibras electric vibrators: ATEX safety is standard The safety of personnel in potentially [...] explosive environments is absolutely essential to Italvibras From 2006, the entire electric vibrators [...] the CDX series explosion-proof electric vibrators (ATEX II 2 G,D Certification). Italvibras provides a [...] potentially explosive atmospheres, has come into force on 1st July 2003. Italvibras obtained notification [...] certification. Italvibras was the first Italian company to have obtained both UNI EN ISO 9001