Sonja Cox

Sonja Cox

Director of Marketing @ Bunting Magnetics Company

Bunting Magnetics Co.: Introduction by Bob Bunting, President

Bunting Magnetics Co.: Introduction by Bob Bunting, President

13. Oct 2016 16:02 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

Bunting has always been about solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers for several industries. The company, headquartered in Newton, Kansas, has multiple locations including our Magnet Materials Division in Elk Grove Village, Illinois; our

Bunting Magnetics

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Booth #1323 BUNTING METAL DETECTORS AND SEPARATORS Bunting Magnetics Co. offers metal detectors and

Bunting Magnetics

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Bunting Magnetics Co. Hall Product Preview: Center Flow Magnets Our Bunting® Center-Flow Magnets

Bunting Magnetics

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Booth 1339 Bunting Uses Strongest Separation Magnets NEWTON, KS – Bunting Magnetics Co. announced [...] magnets can provide for pull strength and holding power. Bunting manufactures and distributes extensive [...] summer, all Bunting cartridge-based magnetic separators will be offered with Neodymium 50 magnets as [...] a high-energy rare earth option. The lineup of Bunting Magnetic Separators equipped with cartridge [...] . Bunting Separators can be customized by selecting the construction grade, accessories, options, and

Bunting Magnetics

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remote switch or by a Bunting-engineered automated control package. Pneumatic Self-Cleaning HF Drawer [...] Magnets, developed, manufactured, and patented by Bunting Magnetics Co. have been designed to [...] drawings, and specifications for Bunting Drawer Magnets and other Bunting Magnetic Metal Separators

Plate Magnets from Bunting

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More Powerful Plate Magnets from Bunting NEWTON, KS – Bunting Magnetics Co. has updated its Plate [...] characteristics. This combination of strong reachout and holding forces enables Bunting Plate

Bunting® Magnetics Appoints

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Bunting® Magnetics Appoints New Product Manager for Metal Detection Product Line Newton, KS – Rod [...] Henricks has been named as the new Product Manager – Metal Detection for Bunting® Magnetics Co [...] sales and overall importance to the company,” Robert J. Bunting, the company’s owner and Chief [...] with Unruh Fab, based in Sedgwick, Kansas. Then, Rod served as the General Sales Manager for Bunting [...] Technologies, both local area manufacturers. Bunting® Magnetics Co. is a major U.S based manufacturer of

Bunting® Magnetics Company

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Bunting® Magnetics Company New Continuous-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnet Cleans “On-The-Fly” Newton, KS [...] – Bunting® Magnetics Co. has developed a new Pneumatic Continuous-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnet. This HF [...] , Bunting® Product Manager for Magnetic Separation. “This ensures that each cartridge is fully wiped [...] -cleaned while product is still flowing, Bunting® Magnetics Pneumatic Continuous-Cleaning HF Drawer

Bunting®'s Team Grows

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Manufacturing Team Grows at Bunting® Magnetics Newton, KS, USA - Bunting® Magnetics Co [...] Marvin Angleton, Bunting® Manager, Technical Services and Quality. “He brings with him a solid [...] and Kenton’s skills will help us continue our growth in this product line.” _ Bunting

Bunting® Increases Scholarships

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Bunting® Increases College Scholarship Program Newton, Kansas, USA – Bunting® Magnetics Co. has [...] announced the 2010-2011 recipients of the Walter F. Bunting and June A. Bunting Memorial Scholarships [...] support the aspirations of our employee’s families,” stated Robert J. Bunting, Sr., President of Bunting [...] -2011 Walter F. Bunting Scholarship Winners Jordan D. Brown, Wichita State University (Wichita, KS [...] College (Hutchinson, KS) 2010-2011 June A. Bunting Scholarship Winners Rachel S. Bullen, Carnegie

Bunting Catalog for Food Industry

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Bunting Releases New Reference Detailing Food Safety Products Newton, KS, USA, February 2013 [...] - Bunting Magnetics Co., producer of precision magnetic products for the worldwide food, printing [...] for the food industry. The new catalog includes definitive sections detailing Bunting solutions for [...] picture) Commenting on the new catalog, Bunting Product Manager for Magnetic Separation Rick Bigham said [...] a comprehensive portrait of the options available to ensure food safety and purity. Bunting food

50th Anniversary of Bunting® Magnetics

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Kansas Governor Parkinson Recognizes 50th Anniversary of Bunting® Magnetics Co. Newton, Kansas [...] anniversary of the founding of Bunting® Magnetics Co. The signing ceremony was held at the State Capitol in [...] Topeka, Kansas. Attending the ceremony was Robert J. Bunting, Sr., President of Bunting® Magnetics Co [...] ., Barbara Bunting, Robert’s wife, and Molly Claassen, their daughter. The proclamation highlighted [...] the 30 years that Bunting® has been headquartered in Newton, KS as well as the company’s innovative