Bernd Sauer

Bernd Sauer

Engineer @ BS-Vertriebsbüro

Biography: we are a German office specialized in silo components and equipment for installation plants. Our expert knowlegde is based on a longtime co-operation with several companies in the branch Know-how and experience: our customers in various branches of industries concrete and cement industi...

Clinker -bs Std

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BS&B Safety Systems

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BS&B Safety Systems (Asia Pacific) Private Limited Booth A066 BS&B are specialists in the field of [...] language skills to support business in China. BS&B provide explosion protection solutions for [...] explosion venting technology over 75 years ago, BS&B and its affiliates bring a wealth of [...] explosion isolation solutions. BS&B provide mechanical and chemical isolation technology options that [...] can be applied economically to piping and ductwork of all sizes. Main Exhibits: 1. BS&B Explosion

BS&B Pressure Safety

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Booth #2024 Chemical Isolation and Suppression Systems for Explosion Protection BS&B, the world’s [...] and telephone assistance. About Pressure Safety Management L.L.C. BS&B Pressure Safety [...] Management is an affiliate company to BS&B Safety Systems L.L.C., the world’s leading manufacturer of [...] certified manufacturer located in Minneapolis, Minn. with products marketed worldwide through BS&B’s

BS-Vertriebsbuero is bulk-online Leader

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BS-Vertriebsbüro The Powder/Bulk Portal Home of the powder bulk community welcomes "bulk-online [...] Leader" BS-Vertriebsbüro GmbH, Germany BS-Vertriebsbüro is a German company specialized

BS&B Safety Systems

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processing applications are now available from BS&B! Use Type IPD explosion suppression technology and [...] BS&B explosion vents to protect equipment by venting, suppression, isolation, or a combination of [...] techniques. Combined with BS&B's reliable and cost effective explosion vent technology, obtain all of

Chute Program from BS Vertriebsbüro

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The Chute Program from BS Vertriebsbüro GmbH Our long experience guarantee a long life time and

BS EN 14460:2006 Explosion Resistant Equipment

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4.2 The design pressure shall be used as the calculation pressure in EN 13445-3 5 EN 13445-3 which covers the design and calculations for unfired pressure vessles shall be used when dimensioning and manufacturing these equipments. 6.2.2 Only materials permitted by EN 13445-2 shall be used . . . . ....

BS&B Safety Systems (Asia Pacific)

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BS&B Safety Systems (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. Stand: 1020 Product Preview: BS&B Safety Systems [...] inventor of explosion venting technology over 76 years ago, BS&B and its affiliates bring a wealth of