Megan Thompson

Megan Thompson

President and COO @ ACS Valves

President and COO of ACS Valves, Canada

AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik

AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH

Leading Pinch Valve Manufacturer

global market leader for air operated Pinch Valves. AKO is a family-run company, which has been [...] manufacturing reliable, cost-effective and innovative Pinch Valves for more then 30 years. In addition [...] valves, pipe manometer, pressure relief valves, sleeves for pinch valves and pinch valve or knife [...] handling, cement, sand and silo engineering sectors. Pinch Valves, Air operated Pinch Valve [...] , Mechanical Pinch Valve: ( Pinch Valves are the


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ACS VALVES is a leading manufacturer of Rotary Airlock Feeders Our product line: AF Aeroflow Feeder [...] Replacement Airlock Feeder DTFV Discharge Trough Feeder Valve FT Flex Tip Light Duty Feeder ACS Gravity [...] Diverter Valves MSG Maintenance Slide Gates S-Type Pellet Feeder Valves.        If you would like

ACS Valves: Micro-ingredient Valves

ACS Valves: Micro-ingredient Valves

22. Feb 2016 16:10 by Reinhard Wöhlbier
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Micro-ingredient Valves for low capacity metering of bulk ingredients in the Plastics, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Food, Chemical Industries. The micro-ingredient valve from ACS Valves is designed for testing pilot conveying equipment, and for accurately metering small amounts of fine-grained mat

New ACS Rotary Valves

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ACS Valves - The new SD Series of rotary valves from ACS Valves is designed to provide increased [...] , seal leakage, and shortened bearing life. The standard 6-vane rotor design of the ACS Valves SD Series [...] , while also reducing compressed air requirements. ACS Valves SD Series rotary valve ACS Valves SD [...] -vane rotary valves. The construction of the SD Series rotor has larger pocket area between the vanes [...] Series rotary valves are available in cast iron, or 304 or 316 stainless steel. The SD Series is

ACS Valves Standard Valve Assembly

ACS Valves Standard Valve Assembly

26. Apr 2016 15:01 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

This 10-step video guide shows how to easily re-assemble an ACS Valves standard valve assembly using basic hand tools. This simple rotary valve re-assembly sequence shows the significant labor and downtime savings associated with this rotary valve design