Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes

Marketing Communications Manager @ WORK Microwave

POWTECH 2014: WORK Microwave

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WORK Microwave presents a powerful range of sensor solutions POWTECH 2014 Stand 1-415 At POWTECH [...] 2014, WORK Microwave will demonstrate a powerful range of sensor solutions designed to accurately [...] , WORK Microwave offers sensor solutions with a superior quality, reliability, and performance [...] Series At POWTECH 2014, WORK Microwave will showcase its extensive range of resonator-based sensor [...] an electromagnetic field without the use of nuclear radiation, WORK Microwave sensors can uniquely

WORK Microwave at POWTECH 2013

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WORK Microwave Exhibits at POWTECH 2013 Stand: Hall 1 Booth 423 With more than 25 years expertise [...] in RF electronics, WORK Microwave is a leading provider of high-precision sensor solutions for a wide [...] range of measurements and applications. For the first time, WORK Microwave will bring its powerful [...] Resonator-Based Humidity and Density Sensor Series At POWTECH 2013, WORK Microwave will showcase its [...] radiation, WORK Microwave sensors can uniquely handle microwave frequencies of up to 65 GHz at a rate of up

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MoistTech Corp

MoistTech Corp. is the original manufacturer of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology in the industrial moisture industry and manufactures a range of on-line sensors & at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control for numerous applications. Insensitive to material v...

Albert Klein

Albert Klein

President @ Indutech instruments

Aachen Fields of Consulting work: online measurement of bulk materials quality control [...] process control Microwave moisture measurement elemental analysis online XRF

New Microwave Moisture Analyzer

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Microwave Moisture Analyzer by Berthold Technologies exhibited at easyFairs "Schüttgut" Dortmund [...] 2012 Micro-Polar LB 567 / LB 568 Microwave Moisture Analyzer Micro-Polar is the latest online moisture [...] analyzer, using state-of-the-art microwave transmission technology. The measurement is carried out [...] & paper and building materials industries. The microwave method is limited for highly conductive [...] for each individual case. Measuring Principle The representative microwave transmission technology

Construction Safety at Work

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at all times. i.e. goggles, gloves, etc.Refuse to work in unsafe conditions. Followings are some [...] safety tips which we have to take in our mind while doing construction work. # No one works on the [...] rights and responsibilities, and vigilance against hazardous work conditions you can reduce, if not [...] eliminate altogether, your risk of being injured at work. On a recent visit to an Indonesian [...] work indoors. I was accompanied by the Safety Officer who was also unconcerned about 'live' tools

Microwave Drying of Coal

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coal down to 8%. Microwave drying was the biggest surprise in terms of best net economics.

Blocked Chute Microwave Switch

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. Hello, to my knowledge there's still no microwave or acoustic blocked chute sensors as such [...] - microwave vs. iron ore seems a challenge (laws of physics, induction / microwave to iron particle behaviour [...] could place the microwave sensor in a way that is protected from any damage and cover in the same [...] the know-how of the microwave sensor manufacturer to be relied upon You see, w/o any picture or sketch [...] name some of the searchwords available Hi all, I work in a large iron ore export terminal. The

Microwave Level Switch

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We are looking for a Microwave Level switch  suitable for Grains,   know any manufacturers? Regards [...] Hawk Measurement manufacture a microwave level switch. you can visit them

Microwave-based Moisture Measurement

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Döscher & Döscher, specialists for microwave-based moisture measurement systems, have developed a [...] explanation of microwave-based moisture measurement equipment. In which industrial fields do you have application?