Misty Dobbins

Misty Dobbins

Communications Manager @ Outotec (USA)

Outotec Now in Kolkata

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Outotec establishes a new subsidiary in Kolkata December 4, 2009 - Outotec has established a [...] growing Indian market. Outotec India offers the full range of Outotec's technologies and services for [...] the mining and metals industry. Outotec has already hired some thirty skilled professionals for sales [...] , engineering and project services in India and other countries. Outotec has decades-long experience [...] EUR 80 million. Virendra Kaul, Managing Director of Outotec India, says: "We have established

Outotec Wins Mill Order

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Outotec wins grinding mill contracts worth over 30 million Euro Outotec has won two new grinding [...] are worth over EUR 30 million. Boliden has awarded Outotec a contract to supply a primary autogenous [...] be delivered during 2009. Kazzinc has awarded Outotec a contract to supply two ball mills for

Outotec Revises Order Backlog

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17.12.2008 at 8.30 AM Outotec revises its order backlog guidance for 2008: year-end order backlog [...] guidance for sales and operating profit remains unchanged. Order intake In October and November Outotec has [...] Copper Corporation for the Tía María project in Peru announced in July 2008. In December, Outotec [...] estimated to be approximately EUR 1,200 million (2007: EUR 1,317.2 million). Outotec will give more

Outotec Successful in Iran

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Outotec to deliver engineering and smelter technology to Iran September 17, 2009 Outotec has [...] Investment Company has ordered engineering work and converter hoods from Outotec for its copper smelter [...] Outotec® Flash Smelting technology the plant will have full compliance with the latest environmental

Outotec to deliver Pelletizing Technology to China

Outotec to deliver Pelletizing Technology to China

02. Feb 2018 11:59 by Marcel Dröttboom
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Espoo, Finland — Outotec has agreed on the design and delivery of two iron ore pelletizing plants for Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. in Caofeidian, China. The contract, valued at over EUR 40 million, has been booked in Outotec's first quarter order intake. The two pelletizing pl

Outotec + Auburn Group

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Outotec to acquire Auburn Group in order to strengthen its service business Outotec has signed an [...] Outotec and Auburn is excellent. The two companies have a shared focus on the mining and [...] Tapani Järvinen of Outotec. The acquisition does not affect Outotec's outlook for 2008. For further [...] the annual level of EUR 250-300 million by the end of 2010. Outotec is a global leader for the [...] industries with offices in more than twenty countries. Auburn complements Outotec by 150 service

Outotec Company News

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June 10, 2008 Technology awards 2008 granted at Outotec Technology Seminar Outotec granted 22 [...] employees a Technology Award at the Outotec Technology Seminar on June 10, 2008 in Helsinki, Finland, in [...] innovations. "Outotec is a corporate partner of the Millennium Technology Prize. Sustainable [...] technologies' to the audience consisting of the company's various stakeholders. Other speakers in the Outotec [...] significant contributions to Outotec over a long career were granted to: -        Christian von Alfthan for

Outotec and Kemira Cooperation

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Outotec and Kemira to enter strategic cooperation in developing solutions for water-intensive [...] industrial applications Outotec Oyj and Kemira Oyj have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to [...] process solutions for the oil and mining industries. Outotec is the global leader in minerals and metals [...] Outotec and Kemira cooperation utilizes the research programs of SWEET, the Center of Water [...] applications. This is a great opportunity for Outotec to create new revenue stream", says Pertti

Outotec Develops in Mongolia

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Outotec cooperates with National Development Corporation of Mongolia to develop Mongolian mineral [...] deposits Espoo, Finland, October 6, 2010 - Outotec has entered into cooperation with National

Outotec Cooperates with Köppern

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Outotec cooperates with Maschinenfabrik Köppern to expand its comminution products Outotec has [...] Outotec branded comminution products as part of Outotec's process solutions. Köppern is a global leader in [...] manufacturer and solution-supplier, we are proud to partner with Outotec on an exclusive basis to

News from Outotec

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Outotec expands Australian Service Centre with world-class skills A global leader in minerals and [...] metals processing technology, Outotec, is further expanding its Australian Service Centre to provide [...] Centre – which is part of an integrated network of more than 10 similar Outotec centres operating [...] -Pacific, says the Managing Director of Outotec (formerly Outokumpu Technology) Mr Neil Jagger. A [...] ‘More Out Of Ore’. In addition to having more than ten such service Centres on six continents, Outotec

Outotec at Caserones, Chile

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Outotec to deliver a copper plant for Minera Lumina Copper in Chile Outotec has agreed with Minera [...] EUR 65 million. Outotec´s scope covers engineering, technology and proprietary equipment supplies [...] Outotec® technologies, such as solvent extraction with Vertical Smooth Flow (VSF) technology and [...] tank farm, as well as electrowinning using Outotec® permanent cathode, acid mist capture and stripping [...] technologies. Outotec´s delivery time for the plant, which is designed to produce 30,000 tonnes of