Ch. Honemeyer @ MTI Mischtechnik

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Christian Honemeyer now sole managing director of MTI Mischtechnik - Experienced management team [...] company with his son Christian, a period which saw MTI Mischtechnik develop into the company of the [...] comments: “On behalf of all the employees at MTI Mischtechnik, I would like to thank my father for [...] approximately 50 percent, thereby confirming the company’s stable overall concept. Today MTI Mischtechnik [...] information, please visit: Photo: Changing of the guard at MTI Mischtechnik: At the end of February

MTI-Mischtechnik at K 2016

MTI-Mischtechnik at K 2016

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The new MTI C tecPRO  by MTI-Mischtechnik International GmbH, Germany received a lot of attention at the K Show 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, world`s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber. MTI C tecPRO – the revolution of the conventional concept in ba

MTI-Mischtechnik International Starts

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MTI-MISCHTECHNIK INTERNATIONAL GMBH started its market activities for the MTI products, manufactured [...] and reorganization processes. The MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH will concentrate its [...] 1999 by the Honemeyer family. In the beginning the MTI - Mischtechnik International GmbH was [...] have positive effects on the successful future of our company. We, the team of MTI-Mischtechnik [...] April 2003 After a little more than 15 months, the manufacturer of mixing equipment, MTI

MTI Mischtechnik International

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MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH Hall 9 Booth 9-119 Product Preview: Uni tec® universal mixer [...] -purpose mixer provided by MTI Mischtechnik for manually or fully automatically controlled [...] concurrently reduced energy demand. MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH, established in 1975, has [...] versions of this equipment. Attaining an export share of approx. 80%, MTI Mischtechnik maintains a branch [...] , the new Uni tec® mixer launched by MTI Mischtechnik combines high operating convenience with

MTI Mischtechnik at K 2013

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MTI Mischtechnik at K 2013: Maximum Efficiency in Mixing and Dehumidification With its Uni tec® and [...] MTI Eco®plus-line series featured at K 2013, MTI Mischtechnik once again presents a portfolio of [...] individual requirements at the same time." MTI at K2013: Hall 9 / Stand 9B22 _ MTI Mischtechnik [...] mixer systems of diverse designs each year. MTI Mischtechnik also operates a U.S. branch in Salina [...] features enables MTI to realise application-focused custom configurations which are perfectly matched

MTI Mischtechnik at K 2010

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New mixing systems offer huge energy-saving potential MTI Mischtechnik at K 2010 Detmold, Germany [...] tec cooling mixer, MTI Mischtechnik puts the focus of its K 2010 trade show presentation on two [...] innovative heating-/cooling mixer combinations from the MTI Eco®-line series of MTI Mischtechnik are [...] , MTI Mischtechnik is presenting the Cool tec system – an innovative cooling mixer design for all [...] testing. _ MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH, established in 1975, is an internationally

MTI Mischtechnik auf der K 2013

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MTI Mischtechnik auf der K 2013: Maximierte Effizienz beim Mischen und Entfeuchten Detmold [...] , September 2013 - Mit den Maschinenserien Uni tec® und MTI Eco® plus-line präsentiert MTI Mischtechnik auf [...] unterschiedlicher Bauart. MTI Mischtechnik betreibt eine Niederlassung in Salina, Kansas (USA) und ist in [...] aufeinander abgestimmt werden. (bitte auf Bild klicken) MTI Eco® plus-line ist eine neue Heiz [...] Massenprodukten mit möglichen Durchsätzen von weit über 10 t/h. MTI Eco® plus-line ist die konsequente

MTI Mischtechnik at Powtech 2016: Surface Treatment with Maximum Efficiency

MTI Mischtechnik at Powtech 2016: Surface Treatment with Maximum Efficiency

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Mixing, coating and drying with high-performance mixers Detmold/Germany, March 2016 – Where surfaces of inorganic recipe components have to be homogeneously, completely and reproducibly coated with functional coatings in batch processes, high-performance universal mixers of the Uni tec® series fr

R. Wellnitz

R. Wellnitz

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