Anval Valves

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PRODUCTS Rotary Floating Shoe or RFS Valves form an important part of the Anval range of materials [...] . Technology To achieve 100% positive sealing, the Anval RFS Series Valve has a "FLOATING SHOE"' which [...] Anval RFS Series also feature a sacrificial, hardened SG iron adjustable shoe. The shoe, which sits on [...] The long service life that distinguishes Anval RFS valves from all other valves in the market is [...] rotor. Applications Anval Rotary Floating Shoe Series Valve offers up to 4 times the life of a

Anval Corporate Video

Anval Corporate Video

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Anval Valves an ISO 9001: 2008 company has built a reputation as the market leader in the design and manufacture of valves, feeders and airlocks. Born from the Australian thermal processing specialist Ansac, Anval is able to draw from over 20 years of ind

Die neuen Anval Zellenradschleusen

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vorzustellen. Anval hat eine große und aufregende Auswahl an Zellenradschleusen, einschließlich der neuen ATEX [...] Bedingungen ergeben worden. Die Anval RHX Zellenradschleusen zeichnen sich durch robuste Design-Standards und [...] • Minimaler Wartungsbedarf Tilo Springer Sales Representative Weitere Informationen hier: WER WIR SIND? Anval [...] Schleusen wurde im Dezember 2008 gegründet und ist ein Teil der ACTINON Gruppe. Anval verfügt über [...] & Abdichtungs Dienstleistungen. Im Gegensatz zu unseren Konkurrenten sind die Anval Schleusenkörper komplett

Anval Valves at Powtech 2013

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Anval Valves at Powtech 2013 Hall: 4A Stand: 500 Anval has a vast and exciting selection of Rotary [...] explosive atmospheres. Anval rotary valve series are manufactured to robust design standards in an [...] problems. Committed to customer satisfaction, Anval will not only provide an effective design [...] product. At Powtech 2013, Anval will be launching its new ATEX Series products with an exciting [...] Anval Valves For more information, please visit: Google Search:

Tests Prove Durability of Anval Valves

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engineers with the assistance of the Anval engineering team in order to establish wear rates and the [...] order to conclusively prove the durability of the valve range, Anval decided that an objective third [...] valve to various types of material flow with varying degrees of abrasiveness. This enabled Anval to [...] ” explained Mr Brian Ging, Sales Representative for Ansac and Anval within Australia. “Therefore

"Try Before You Buy" offer from Anval

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Anval Valves is delighted to introduce our ‘Try Before You Buy’ (TBYB) offer. This unique service [...] will allow new Anval customers to test our valves within their own process lines for a given period [...] Anval valve. This offer extends to our whole range of Rotary Valves, Dump Valves and Slide Gate [...] Valves. Anval prides itself on using simple and elegant design solutions to provide our customers with [...] application is available. With installations in over 50 countries across the globe; Anval design, build

Anval Valves stellt "Try Before You Buy" Angebot vor

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Anval Valves freut sich Ihnen unser "Try Before You Buy" (TBYB) Angebot vorzustellen. Dieser [...] einzigartige Service wird neuen Anval Kunden angeboten um unserer Zellenradschleusen für einen bestimmten [...] Anval Schleuse erfahren können. Unser Unternehmen ist stolz darauf einfache und elegante Design [...] Anwendung zur Verfügung steht. Mit Installationen in über 50 Ländern um den gesamten Globus; Anval [...] Einfachheit der Anval Designs bedeutet einen relativ geringen Wartungsaufwand selbst unter

The Top European eDirectory Listings (February 13, 2014)

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GnbH, Germany 281 "bulk-online Leader" 27. DMN-Westinghouse, The Netherlands 251 28. Anval Valves, U.K

New ATEX Approved Rotary Valve

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It is my pleasure to introduce our new ATEX approved RHX Series Rotary Valve. Anval have a vast and [...] essential Health and Safety requirements. The Anval RHX Series valves are manufactured to robust design

eDirectory Membership Companies

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& Heuning. Jansen & Heuning Videos on bulk-online * Anval Valves International Anval an ISO 9001 [...] , Feeders and Airlocks. Over 30 years of Anval´s industry experience delivers the highest quality [...] Rotary Valves o Rotary Floating Shoe o Blow Through or Blow Seals o Slide Gate Valves o Dump Valves Anval Valves Videos on bulk-online *

Top Asia/Pacific eDirectory Listings (May 29, 2013)

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Ltd., New Zealand 1515 "bulk-online Leader" 2. Anval Valves, India + U.K. 1054 3. Jim Way Enterprises