Ultra-fine Grinding

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Ultra-fine grinding, fast and reproducible

The new RETSCH Vibratory Disc Mill RS 200

For the rapid size reduction to analytical fineness of hard, brittle and tough materials, the new Retsch Vibratory Disc Mill RS 200 is the product of choice. The new model grinds samples such as minerals, cement, concrete, soils and also electronic scrap not only extremely fast but also with excellent reproducibility.

The new features include:

• Optimized drive kinematics: the main directional movement of the drive train is secured in a plane which prevents the jar from gyrating or tumbling. This leads not only to increased reproducibility but also to an extremely quick formation of the movement pattern inside the jar and thus to very short grinding times.

• New operating concept: All grinding parameters can be set via one single button, the current settings can be read off a graphics display. For the RS 200 up to 10 parameter combinations can be stored.

• Improved grinding sets: the grinding set geometry was further optimized to increase the energy input and thus make fine grinding in the RS 200 even more effective. At the same time, the largest grinding set made of tungsten carbide weighs several kilograms less than those of other models which makes handling it much easier. The grinding sets are available in 5 different materials and various sizes.

As vibratory disc mills are frequently used to prepare samples for XRF analysis, Retsch now also offers the automatic Pellet Press PP 40 which presses pellets with a pressure force of 40 t in various diameters. The combined use of mill and press helps to increase the sample throughput for spectral analyses.

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