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K 2007, Düsseldorf, 24-31 October 2007, Hall 11, Stand B39

New feeding equipment for film edge strips

In the finishing of blown or cast films, the edge strips on the side of the film are cut off, so that consistent thickness of the entire film width is guaranteed. Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG presents a new RS type of feeding equipment for film edge strips at K 2007 that takes the strips in directly - without compressed air and therefore saving energy – and introduces them to a downline granulator. The film cuttings produced there are passed on for further recycling.

A particular characteristic of the new film feeding equipment is the very simple handling and operation that is enabled through the use of a novel roll intake system. This adjusts itself during the running process to the given and also varying film thicknesses. Rest periods or adjustment work by the operator are therefore not required. An electronic control system enables gentle running, as well as also complete braking in the event of the entire blown or cast film line standing still.

Edges strips of plastic film widths up to 80mm width and up to thickness of 4 mm can be fed into the granulator. The intake speed can be continuously regulated with the aid of a frequency converter and therefore adjusted to the production speed of the continuous length film edge strips. New, extremely precise guide channels enable continuous uninterrupted operation at film web speeds of between 0 to 200 m/min.

The compact feeding equipment has basic dimensions of 140 mm x 260 mm x 350 mm (WxHxD) and may be supplied in single and dual versions, depending on the application purpose. It can also be retrofitted to granulators that have already been installed. Depending on the application, the intake rolls are offered in steel or polyurethane (PU) versions.

The power consumption of the drive for the feeding equipment amounts to 0.37-1.1 kW. Grinding performance depends on the intake speed, as well as to the size of the granulator used.

About Hellweg Maschinenbau

Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG designs and constructs its own machinery and equipment, especially for specific customer requirements, for customers in the plastics and recycling industries throughout the world. The production programme includes machine-side granulators, granulators, edge strip shredders, feeding equipment for edge strips, film cutters, extraction and dust removal equipment, including of accessories.

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MDS 230/150 machine-side granulator with RS double intake feeding equipment

(Photo: Hellweg Maschinenbau)


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