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Koch-Technik, the supplier of complete peripheral systems for plastic processing ,will be at the K trade fair 2010 in Düsseldorf, Germany – Hall 10, stand 10A21.

KOCH-TECHNIK is synonymous with flexible systems for dosing, mixing, conveying and drying plastic granulates

Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH will be exhibiting its outstanding range of products at the largest international plastics trade fair, the K 2010, which will be taking place in Düsseldorf at the end of October of this year. In Hall 10, stand 10A21, the experts at this German company will once again be demonstrating that it is a leading system supplier of units and machines for mixing, dosing, conveying and drying plastic materials. To provide a real insight into the way these flexible systems work, not only will most of the KOCH machines be installed at the K trade fair, many of them will also be in operation. Furthermore, the company, whose products stand for innovation, precision, modular flexibility and economy, will be fielding a team at the stand to advise customers and other delegates to the trade fair.

A new introduction to the dosing range, the EXAKO, a gravimetric direct dosing device for use on injection moulding machines will be presented to the international public for the first time. This system guarantees total accuracy in dosing the smallest quantities, irrespective of external influences. It combines the highly accurate chamber volume-based method of dosing with a gravimetric system. Tiny quantities (1 g - 55 g) can be added to a main component. The EXAKO is fitted with scales which register the actual weight and which compare the value with the calculated set weight using the control system which has been newly developed by Koch. The enclosed chamber volume means that it is possible to add quantities that are accurate to +/- 3 grains in 1,000. The newly developed control unit is based on a SIEMENS PLC S 7 control component. A touch panel provides menu navigation. It is easy to store the recipes and all the other values and the documentation for the dosing procedure. Like all the other components, the EXAKO can be smoothly integrated into the KOCH modular system.

KOCH-TECHNIK will be presenting a second innovation at the K trade fair – an enhancement to the broad range of drying systems. The COMKO is a compressed air dryer and therefore somewhat different from other drying systems. It has been designed for operation in immediate contact with the processing machine and is particularly suitable for drying small quantities of hygroscopic materials. It can dry up to 7 kilograms per hour and the heating output is an economic 0.5 kW. A sliding lock and attachment points for KOCH conveyors come as standard with the COMKO, which will be available in a 6, 12 and 20 litre version.

KOCH-TECHNIK will also be exhibiting the EKO series of dryers along with the dry air dryers at the K trade fair. EKO dryers promise energy savings of up to 20% depending on the temperature of the material. Combined with the ECO control system developed and patented by Werner Koch, the potential for energy saving can rise to even 40%. Internal to the EKO dryers is the tested and sophisticated technology used in the CKT dryer series from KOCH-TECHNIK. The fully automatic control system also prevents granulate from sustaining damage from overheating during overly long drying times. This is particularly important for sensitive materials such as PA, PC, LCP or POM. The control system on the exhibited EKO dryers is operated via a touch panel. Energy consumption is further optimised by a dew point-controlled regeneration of the drying bed integrated in the dry air dryers. The ECO control system and the dew-point regeneration guarantee that the granulate's specific properties are taken into account when it is dried. An example is optimisation of the flow in injection moulding.

The compact dry air dryers in the KKT series also offer the potential to save up to 40% of energy costs. This series is particularly useful where space is at a premium. There are different models in this series of auxiliary dryers designed for dry air volumes of 55, 75 and 100 m3/hr. They have the SWITCH control system from KOCH TECHNIK which makes the enormous energy saving possible. The microprocessor control unit developed especially for these devices guides the user through the programme. It provides access to all the relevant operating modes, from the temperature through to the length of the work cycles and the time settings to the selected operating programme and they can be displayed quickly with simple commands. The standard KKT 55 and KKT 100 models can supply one or more injection moulding machines with material at different stages of dryness.

KOCH-TECHNIK also offers a broad range of direct dyeing machines in the KEM series which are available for dosing rates ranging from 0.5 to 200 kilograms per hour. The KEM series can be used on injection moulding machines or extruders and guarantees that the shade of the end product will remain completely consistent by dosing the master batch directly into the feed of the screw. Dyeing is a volumetric chamber dosing process. Changes to the dosing values can be seen immediately during the process. When the product is changed, no mixed material remains in the machine. The control system is integrated in the device and can store the various recipes after the dosing process. KEM units are available as standard with dosing rollers for shot weights of 2 to 10,000 grams.

The GRAVIKO series doses exactly according to the recipe and the dosing can be reproduced at any time. There will be three GRAVIKO machines exhibited at the trade fair. The patented gravimetric dosing and mixing system weighs out very small quantities, up to 0.3 grams, in a precise, reliable and fully reproducible process. The individual components, (grains, powder, coarse powder or ground material) are dosed into a container with a scale. The scale then determines the actual weight and transmits it to the KOCH control system, where the value is compared to the calculated set weight. Variations are compensated for fully automatically. This method achieves the previously unbeaten accuracy of only +/- 3 grains in 1,000 grains. The GRAVIKO is equipped with a newly developed MCm-G Touch control device.

Depending on the type of material, the GRAVIKO can process from 3 to 2,000 kg/hour. On the large models, it is possible to dose up to eight components gravimetrically. For use in an extrusion system, each GRAVIKO can be fitted with a loss-in-weight control system and adapted to any extruder. The material batch is mixed and stored via a volumetric or a gravimetric mixing station. A slider empties a certain amount into the gravimetric unit. The content is weighed constantly. As soon as the container is empty, the slider opens and the process starts again from the beginning. At the trade fair, KOCH-TECHNIK will be exhibiting a type GK 150 GRAVIKO unit for dosing, weighing and mixing up to four components with a throughput of up to 150 kg/h and the GK 300 and GK 350 GRAVIKOs for four components and throughputs up to 300 kg/h. With its special agitator, the GK 350 ensures that materials that are normally difficult to mix are thoroughly combined, such as grains and sawdust or grains and powder or ground material.

KOCH-TECHNIK will also be exhibiting its patented material distribution system, NAVIGATOR, at the K trade fair. This central distribution system is a genuine alternative to manually operated switching stations. The NAVIGATOR makes it possible to distribute up to 40 different plastic materials to up to 40 processing machines in a fully automatic and time-saving procedure. Furthermore, it is constructed so that no residues remain in the system after material has been distributed. This makes contamination or mixing impossible. The Navigator can also be integrated into existing conveying systems; there is no need to change their basic design.

Like the Navigator, the Visualisation System, software developed by KOCH-TECHNIK to display and monitor the processes from the material store to the processing machine, also guarantees reliable processing. Similar to the flexible KOCH modular system, the software components can be put together by the user to meet individual requirements and all the processes can be integrated. High-quality single hardware components such as industrial scanners can be integrated to support the software developed by KOCH-TECHNIK. Bar codes identifying the material can then be read. With this software solution, KOCH-TECHNIK fulfils the strict certification requirements for plastics processing.

All the KOCH-TECHNIK products are flexible, coordinated and therefore easily integrated in the KOCH modular system. All the components from the modular system can be combined with each other into a flexible arrangement and new components subsequently added. The KOCH-TECHNIK system makes individual mixing, conveying and dosing systems for plastic granulate possible. The components of the KOCH modular system are constructed and coordinated so that they can be combined with very little effort. This saves time and unnecessary costs.

About Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH

Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH, known throughout the world under the KOCH-TECHNIK brand, is a leading supplier of complete solutions for mixing, dosing, conveying, and drying plastic granulates. The range of peripheral products covers all the processes undertaken before injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. With its flexible modular system, KOCH-TECHNIK can offer individual solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

KOCH-TECHNIK employs a work force of 150 at its headquarters in Ispringen near Pforzheim in Germany and nearby in Göbrichen. The company also has representatives worldwide (see www.koch-technik.com) and subsidiaries in France, the UK, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, China and India. Several thousand installations throughout the world are evidence of the popularity and the high value of the KOCH systems in the plastics industry.

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Fig. 1:The EXAKO from KOCH – a patented gravimetric direct dosing unit which can dose quantities from 1g to 55g to add to a main component

Fig. 2:The COMKO 12 Litre from KOCH is a dry air dryer for small quantities of material, which is used in direct contact with the processing machine

Fig. 3:KKT 55 and EKO 300 dry air dryers from KOCH – From the mobile KKT dryer to the stationary plastic dryers in the EKO series, they all have one thing in common: consistently optimised drying quality with up to 40% energy savings

Fig. 4:The EKO dryer series from KOCH – dry air dryers for the highest quality drying with up to 40% energy savings

Fig. 5:The KEM series from KOCH – the direct dyeing units for consistent colour in the end product are versatile and give value for money. As stand-alone conveyors or as part of a central granulate supply system from KOCH, as shown here

Fig. 6:The GRAVIKO series from KOCH – a patented gravimetric dosing and weighing system with throughputs ranging from 3 to 2000 kg/h, depending on the material. The Gravikos can be adapted to any injection moulding machine or extruder

Fig. 7:The Navigator from KOCH – a fully automatic and completely residue-free material distribution system that can safely assign up to 40 materials to 40 machines

Fig. 8:The Navigator from KOCH – a fully automatic and completely residue-free material distribution system that can safely assign up to 40 materials to 40 machines

Fig. 9:Visualisation software from KOCH – this computerised system fulfils all the process monitoring requirements for certification

Fig. 10:The Graviko GK 350 is an example of the KOCH modular system – for more than 30 years a guarantee of quality and flexibility. Modernised and extended over the years, all the peripheral components can be combined freely as required. All the components can be cleaned, replaced and, even after many years, combined with the latest technology quickly and with no need for tools.


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