TEMCOR - Leader in Space Structures

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A Leader in Aluminum Space Structures

Temcor, founded in 1964, designs, manufactures and erects architectural and environmental prefabricated structures and enclosures. These are primarily clear-span domes and related space frames fabricated mostly from aluminum. Temcor structures are used for covering tankage of all types as well as architectural applications such as arenas, gymnasiums, theaters and auditoriums.

Superior Engineering & Service

More than forty years of pioneering design and engineering is built into every Temcor Product. More than 7,000 Temcor aluminum domes have been installed throughout the world. Most importantly, our prefabricated structures and metal buildings have withstood the test of time even in the harshest environments. Behind these structures is a remarkable company.

Temcor built the first aluminum dome for a water storage tank in 1968, for a wastewater tank in 1969, for a petroleum tank in 1977 and the world's largest free standing aluminum dome measuring 136 meters in diameter in 2006, and the second largest dome measuring 127 meters in diameter in 1982. All of these are still in service, as are other Temcor domes withstanding the heat of a Middle Eastern desert, typhoon winds of 300 kilometers per hour on a Pacific Island and uneven snow loads of 1,500 kilograms per square meter in the Antarctic. Research and Development receives major emphasis at Temcor.

Temcor products are precision fabricated to aircraft tolerances. Aluminum has its advantages! Time-tested maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant materials are used, such as proven aluminum alloys, stainless steel fasteners and silicone rubber sealants and gaskets.

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