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We are the pioneer for Rubber Product Manufacturing & Tyre Retreading in Sri Lanka. We have four Banbury Mixing Lines having capacities varying from 72 lit to 250 lit. We also have the Chronos Richardson Automatic Weighing & Feeding system for handling bulk fillers such as Carbon Black & other white fillers. Mixer Lines are being operated automatically to ensure the consistency in quality of compounds.

Our present activities:

• Production of all types of Rubber Compounds to British Standards or any Trade Standards

• Production of Rubber Compounds to customer's formulations and/or specifications.

• Formulations are also developed through our central R &D unit for particular end products.

Compounds can be supplied in continues sheets, cut sheets, strips or as extruded strips.

We initially prefer to supply Carbon Black Master Batch Compound as we have ample capacity in our 250 lit Automatic Mixing Line.

We assure our best services at all times.

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