Conveyor Symposium in Turkey

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Antalya, Turkey - A world leader in bulk material handling technology has completed its “Conveyor Safety and Productivity Symposium” in Antalya, Turkey, introducing strategies and innovations for improving safety practices while enhancing profitability. More than 40 management and supervisory personnel attended the event, representing a wide range of industries, including aggregates/cement, mining, coal/power, steel production and dry bulk handlers.

Hosted by Martin Engineering Turkey, the symposium featured content selected specifically to address current issues facing local industries. The keynote address was entitled, “Safety and Total Ownership Cost Management,” delivered by Dr. Halefsan Sumen, respected journalist and Professor at Istanbul Technical University, one of the world’s oldest technical universities dedicated to engineering sciences.

Following Dr. Sumen was former CEMA president (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) Todd Swinderman, holder of 140 product licenses in a dozen different countries, who spoke on “Safety by Design.” Throughout the presentation, he emphasized that design is the single most effective method of safety improvement, outperforming even guards and controls.


Conveyor Safety and Productivity Symposium introduced strategies

and innovations for improving safety, while enhancing profitability

Swinderman described the company’s EVO® Modern Conveyor Architecture, a new approach that encourages engineers to question the design of every component in a conveyor system, looking for ways to redesign for safer operation, better fugitive material control and serviceability. “It’s an incremental approach that applies from head to tail on a conveyor,” he said. “It’s a quest for safe, clean, profitable systems, examining every aspect of design and looking for ways to upgrade without significantly driving up cost.”

Also featured as a speaker was trainer and field expert Michael Tenzer of Martin Engineering, who drew on 23 years of experience to create his presentation, “Innovations,” which highlighted recent technical developments that have led to proven solutions for common industry problems. Several of the presenters touched on standardizing maintenance procedures to further reduce the risk of injury from working on and around conveyors. In addition, attendees were treated to scale model displays and demonstration equipment, helping presenters illustrate representative applications and clarify details from their talks.


Attendees were treated to scale model displays and

demonstration equipment, with content selected specifically

to address current issues facing local industries

Discussions in between the presentations emphasized that safety and profit are not mutually exclusive. In fact, said Martin Engineering VP Jim Turner, just the opposite is true. “The most productive and profitable companies are the ones with the best safety records,” he observed. About the symposium Turner added, “These events have been extremely well-received, helping management and operations personnel eliminate potential risks and improve productivity.”

The evenings provided ample opportunity for entertainment, including shows by comedian Yavuz Seckin and the famous German illusionist, Harry Keaton. Martin Engineering also organized sightseeing excursions to explore Antalya’s natural and historical beauty, including the Aspendos Theater, which dates back to the Roman Empire, and the spectacular Kursunlu waterfall.

Summing up the experience, Martin Engineering Turkey’s Branch Manager Ilker Tan commented, “The importance of both safety and efficiency is constantly growing. Our goal with this symposium was to help elevate the safety and productivity standards of bulk material handling in Turkey. That’s our expertise as a company, and events like this one are going on all across the globe,” he added.

Martin Engineering supplies conveyor products around the world in a wide variety of bulk material applications, including cement / clinker, mining, rock / aggregate, coal, biomass, feed pellets, grain and other materials. Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering is the world leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive. The company is headquartered in Neponset, IL, with global reach from operations in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, India and the UK.

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