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Extec implements total quality management system

Extec has recently announced that trials have been completed for the successful implementation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) system. The implementation of this radical management philosophy is geared towards not only improving the quality of Extec’s renowned product line, but also providing a business structure that will secure Extec’s long term future.

Ian English, Director of Operations states:

“Extec has experienced such rapid growth since the 3i sponsored MBO that we have sometimes struggled to deal with market demand, no matter how all encompassing our planning. We realised that we needed an operating management philosophy that would allow us to meet market demands, provide our customers with product on time, and at quality levels equal to the best in the construction equipment industry.”

In order to implement the system a team of quality engineering consultants was recruited. The team has spent the last six months assessing Extec’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and has been trialling the TQM system. They are now implementing the system which is geared to a zero fault tolerance during production.

Ian English added:

“We recognised early on that we needed global expertise to help us get there. If you want to be the best you have to expand your horizons, and make long term investments.”

Extec estimates that they have directed nearly £4 million into developing and implementing their TQM system, but clearly see it as the way forward in ensuring Extec achieves their self avowed aim of being the world’s largest, and most respected, manufacturer of mobile screening and crushing equipment.

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