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Traditionally, Chinese Medical Stone (CMS) is also known as Mai Fan stone due to its unique wheat-grain texture. CMS has been widely used in Chinese medicine since ancient time. The studies and usages of CMS were recorded in many classic Chinese medical literatures. In the most influential "Ben Cao Gang Mu", written by the famous pharmacologist Li Shi Zhen of Ming dynasty, said it is ¡°sweet, mild, atoxic and effective for healing dermatitis."

CMS is a type of granite porphyry. Its major compositions are anhydrous silicon and aluminium dioxide. It also contains 59 trace elements and rare elements which are indispensable to human bodies. Modern biomedical sciences have proved that CMS is beneficial to human life.

CMS Life Technology Limited has the exclusive rights for mining CMS in Nai Man Qi plateau of Inner Mongolia. We have poured in a lot of scientific research efforts to develop a series of materials from CMS essence, which can be applied to many areas such as medicine, health food, cosmetics, water purification, soil and air enhancement, and even agriculture. We are keen on collaborating with different industries, in order to best utilize such valuable natural resource and to create a win-win situation for both collaborators and customers.

Application Of Cms

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1. Water quality

CMS¡¯s powerful adsorption capacity can clear away free chlorine, impurities, organic substances, heavy metals, and bacterium in water, and its ion activity can regulate PH value in two direction, which can produce necessary mineral, macroelements, microelements and trace elements, called by a joint name ¡°bioelement¡±.

2. Medical care

CMS has medical functions such as anti-inflammation, analgesia, elimination of toxicant, tranquilization, hemostasia, cell activation, improving cell growth, secretion of insulin, and immune function, regulating enginery of internal organs and cardiovascular function, balancing blood viscosity and pressure.

3. Food

It can regulate th pH value of food, playing roles in keeping fresh, antisepsis, and odors, which intensify the sense of tough of food and absorb harmful molecules in fried oil, playing roles in whitening and softening food.

4. Biochemistry

We take advantage of its ion-exchange activity, absorbability and microelement releasing function, adding it into our biochemical products to make them have health care function.

5. Cosmetics and Skincare

We take advantage of its ion-exchange activity, absorbability and microelement releasing function, adding it into our cosmetics and skincare products to enhance their function; for example, functions to make the skin healthier and to prevent skin diseases.

6. Treatment of soil and air

The powerful absorbability can absorb harmful substances and odors, which make the air fresher. Microelements released from it can make the soil more fertilized and healthier; moreover, it doesn¡¯t contain any chemical elements so it doesn¡¯t do any harm to the soil.

7. Culture of animals and plants

We take advantage of its ion-exchange activity, absorbability and microelement releasing function, adding it into our feed to accelerate the growth rate of domestic birds, beasts and fish, and to improve daily weight increase and feed use factor; moreover, it also functions against diseases; CMS added into fertilizer can stimulate the growth of plants/crops to make them grow faster and healthier, and prolong the florescence.

Cms Products

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1. Craftwork

CMS craftwork is made by traditional technique, combined with simple and elegant traditional carving, which has certain value for collection and admiring and also is a good choice of present. CMS not only can be regarded as domestic ornaments, but you can also purify and mineralize drinking water by taking advantage of it mysterious functions.

2. Medical Care Series

CMS series of medical care products make use of traditional Chinese secrete recipe, added with CMS drug powder. The drug powder is developed by using the most advanced technology ¡°ultra low temperature wall breaking technology¡±. The drug effect is not restricted by cellular wall, which can activate the active elements inside cells and is convenient for oral intake.

3. Health Care Products (External Use)

CMS (External) health care products is made by modern health care technology together with the ¡°Nano-powder Essence¡± from CMS, therefore, their absorbability and nature can accelerate metabolism of tissues, physical absorption, and cell regeneration.

4. Health Care products (Internal Use)

CMS (Internal) health care products extracted from CMS by taking advantage of modern rheological technology, nanotechnology and special extractive technique. This product contains nearly 70 kinds of chemical element related to life activity, of these, near 30 kinds of trace minerals is indispensable for human body. The natural distributive curve completely fits the character of human body, thus, it has a significant biological effect.

5. Domestic Article

CMS domestic articles take advantage of its absorbability (impurities, organics, and bacterium), water quality adjust (bi-directionally adjust water pH value), mineral substance dissolution (over 70 different minerals), so as to make life safer and health.


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we look forward to the opportunities to cooperate with manufacturers and market distributors, by providing relevant products and technical service in the hopes of creating common benefits.

If you have any query, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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