Micro Moisture-sensitive Bulk Handling

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Posted in: , on 15. Jun. 2003 - 01:47

I am interested in automating a small-scale bench top laboratory process.

Currently, several "pure" chemicals are purchased in small quantities, dried in a low-temp oven, crushed individually with a mortar and pestle to the proper size, weighed individually with a laboratory scale, and charged to a small sealed container with water-absorbing "pillows" for storage and subsequent handling, when the flow properties become important. Process, storage, and subsequent handling is conducted at near room temperature.

Often the chemical ingredients themselves, and the resulting mixtures have poor mixing or flow properties. Raw materials are hard crystals, powders, are even sometimes deliquescent.

The objective is a dry, free-flowing powder.

Batch scale is 100-10,000 grams.

Any ideas?

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